Friday, February 10, 2006

Nikon Coolpix S1 for sale


5.1 megapixels
Bright 2.5" LCD screen
Compact slim metal body - only 3/4 inch thick
Fast start-up time

Nikon Exclusive Face Priority Autofocus
The S1 can distinguish when the subject is a human face and sets the focus accordingly. Now all your portraits will have tack-sharp focus on the subject's face (rather than the wall behind them!).

Nikon Exclusive In-Camera Red-Eye Fix
A hands-free solution for red-eye; this powerful software analyzes the image data and corrects most typical instances of red-eye in less than 3 seconds! The In-Camera Red-Eye Fix feature turns on automatically when the red-eye reduction flash mode is selected.

Nikon Exclusive D-Lighting
The Coolpix S1 incorporates D-Lighting, which automatically compensates for under- and over-exposure due to insufficient flash or excessive back lighting in a picture.

17 Scene Modes, 4 with Scene Assist
Selecting a scene mode automatically sets the camera for the optimum performance in most popular picture-taking situations. Scene assist further aids with composition, exposure and focus. Scene Modes: party/indoor, dawn/dusk, back light, beach/snow, sunset, night landscape, copy, fireworks, close up, panorama, museum, underwater and voice recording. Scene assist modes: night portrait, portrait, landscape, and sports.

We bought this camera from Khimji Ramdas for RO. 145 in mid October 2005. Want to sell it to upgrade to something with more manual controls. Willing to sell only if we get a good offer.

We still have the original box. Comes with docking cradle, original cables and software, instruction manual, etc. Note: the camera doesn't come with a carrying pouch or a memory card. I can throw in an 128mb card depending on the offer.

If interested post here or email:


TI3GIB said...

Does 11.865 sound like a good deal ?

I just like to point that this camera has some picture quality and light senstivity problems, beware and go for the IXUS if you have some more cash ..

It also has some shutter lag, and some focusing issues. Due to it's small unextendable lens it tends to be a little shaky, and you might suffer from Barrel Distortion, and occasionally some vigenetting.

The flash is very weak and is completley usless, except for macro it preforms quite well there. Ohh yes, I almost forgot .. The case scratches easily (i.. iShouldn't)

Nontheless, It's a very good camera with good features like the ... wait, NOTHING

Ciao and good luck with the sale

illogicist said...

I'm looking for a very basic camera, nothing professional at all. The most important thing is the pictures dont look all blurry because of extremely small movements of the hand - I get that with the camera I currently use and it drives me insane.

I'd be interested if this camera satisfies that, depending on the price. But I'm in a bit of a financial squeeze, so I'm afraid nothing I can offer would be good enough.

muscati said...

illogicist - my limited experience with these tiny cameras is that blurring is always a problem and the tinier the camera the worse they are at it. I guess that's why Panasonic has image stabilization in all their cameras and now the new Casio and Sony have it too. My three year old Canon Ixus is a brick in comparison to this Nikon but I've never had a blurred picture in three years of using it.

This camera is hardly used. Not a scratch on it. And the price in the market hasn't come down by much. That's why I wanna sell it and upgrade while I can still get a good price for it. Otherwise I might as well just keep it.

muscati said...


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