Sunday, February 26, 2006

iopblogs banned?

Omantel has blocked the I'm on a plane blog aggregator website which includes the Omani Blog Aggregator.

Mistake from Omantel's side or fully intended action? I emailed them on Friday and still haven't received a reply. I hope it's a mistake. Omantel's proxy usually concerns itself mainly with porn and sex and nothing else.


PizzaQueen said...

Is a problem with ADSL.
Yesterday i realised it was blocked for me but not for Nightface who was on dial up.
Called them : they will try to solve it inshallah.

NiGhTFaCe said...

It was fine with me, though I made a check for ADSL, Leased Line & Dial Up, & it doesnt work with all now. is working fine.

I guess there is something with the network, I already reported couple of blocked websites, always inform the the Internet Tech Support.

xposed said...


genesis said...


Does the problem still exist? or did Omantel solve it?

PizzaQueen said...

yea all ok
Omantel i love you

Sowhat said...

well it happens alot that omantel ban alot of sites by mistake .. they take usually one week to remove the ban ,.. but you may get lucky wo they open it within two days ..

Mansur said...


I havent heard anything from you guys. Is everything all right? Would love to see an update...I can understand if you are busy.


PizzaQueen said...

Everything ok, no one jailed ;p
This country is more democratic than some might believe

Age Harvest said...

It is strange thing!

What happened to Omantel?!

What did they do ?!

Many websites was blocked though they were opened for years !! said...

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