Tuesday, February 14, 2006

150,000 KM



Edward Ott said...

congradulations on being number one.

NiGhTFaCe said...

I like figuring numbers, I am numbers freak! :|

How old is your car?!

Arabian Prince said...

Time for yet another check-up..
Is it a '01 or '02 model?

muscati said...

Actually it's a 98!

Degoat said...

Is that a BMW?!

Kay said...

mine is a year older and has gone 131xxx km. i usually dont pay attention but after i saw ur post yesterday i made a mental note to check

NiGhTFaCe said...

Muscati, you dont do long trips.
I remember my brother's previous car, it was 2001, where he already got over the 150000 km in 2005.

muscati said...

It's my only car. I drive it every single day. I go to Dubai every few months. Work takes me all over the country: Sohar, Buraimi, Nizwa, Suwaiq, Saham, etc. But not like every week. I guess the main reason the mileage isn't that high is because I live in MQ so the daily commute to work is only 12km each way.

Nameless said...

kay, are you kidding? over 130,000 kms in one year? I've never ever heard of that before. Ya3ni you drive over 10,000/month? whoa! where do you go girl?

Nameless said...


Your mileage is pretty low considering you had it since 98 :)
I've had my car for 6 weeks and I've already done 5,000.

Arabian Prince said...

I think thats not too bad Muscati considering its 7+ yrs old.

Nameless I think what Kay meant is that its a '97 model and in which case I dont think is bad at all :)

Kay said...

Nameless, just like Arabian Prince explained, its a 97 model. So if u do the math, its been 9 years. The mileage is pretty low considering.

Nameless said...

Ah Kay..that makes perfect sense. Thought it was a brand new car (1 yr old).

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