Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Toyotas really do sell themselves

Location: Toyota's absolutely massive new showroom in Al Wattaya.


Salesman: How can I help you?
Customer: I came to see the new Avalon.
Salesman takes the customer to the top of the range Avalon on display on the far-end of the showroom and starts listing the features: six airbags, JBL speakers, ventilated power seats, etc etc.
Customer: Excellent, when can I get a test drive?
Salesman: Sorry sir, our test-drive vehicle has met with an accident.
Customer: I'm in no hurry, just put me on the list and call me when it's fixed.
Salesman: I'm afraid it was a total loss, sir. It's been a month and we still don't have a replacemen test drive car.
Customer: Are you telling me you might not get a replacement?
Salesman: Yes sir.
Customer: So all these Avalons I see on the street, people bought them without test driving them?
Salesman: Yes.
Customer: But this is a 12000 rial car!
Salesman gives expressionless look.
Customer: In that case I guess I have nothing else to do here. Bye.
Salesman: Thank you sir.
Customer: Why are you thanking me, didn't you just lose a potential sale?
Another expressionless stare.
Customer walks out the showroom.

So you see, the product really does sell itself. The fact there is a salesman in the picture is just incidental.


NiGhTFaCe said...

This is leading us to further than having a test drive, though I didnt take a test drive when I went for my car, as these were 5 days from visitng the showroom for the 1st time to the moment I got my car.

Anyways, imagining a showroom runs out of test drive cars, wondering how long it will take if you kept your car there for repairing?!

muscati said...

I'd never buy a car that I haven't test driven first. Other than a house it's the most expensive thing you'd buy. Unless you're stinkin' rich you will probably pay a nice big chunk of your salary as an instalment for at least 3 or 4 years if not more. It's too much of a gamble to buy a car you haven't tested. What if you don't like how it drives?

NiGhTFaCe said...

It has nothing to do with being rich or not, & I am not rich by the way :p

Its all the way about knowing the car. I came to know the car I am driving before buying it.

DoTs... said...

The problem we face in many Arab countries is the lack of emphasis given to "customer service" and i mean proper training and care for the simplest details of it. Though they are starting to focus on it but it will take quite a while to get the whole society think towards the perspective that "i deserve a good service" ...

In marketing we are taught "if u loose a customer, you lost ten "

Arabian Prince said...

LOL.. I found that quite funny actually, especially the 'expressionless look' & 'thank you' part.

I think either the salesman was exaggerating about not having another test drive car for good, or he was told to do so by his superior. If he was told to do so, then it would obviously be due to all the phony passers-by that take the car for a day, use it in a primitive way and then return it damaged. I believe that this been going on for too long that they might've decided they were better off not bothering with ordering a replacement in.

Arab Pearl said...

LOL, a good read!!!
No other comments, i guess some people have to learn the hard way about a product they bought and are not very familiar with it. :)

Btw, i'm planning on making that ESO fee payment tomorrow InshaaAllah, wish me luck! hehe

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