Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stupid stupid stupid

I lost my ATM card last Saturday. Stupid me. I didn't even know it was gone until about 24 hours after I last used it. I went to the ATM to draw some money, opened my wallet.. no ATM card there. I couldn't even check my account to know if the card's been used. It's a Visa Electron, and the way shops never check the name on cards anyone who finds it could have gone on a massive shopping spree on my account. Just my luck that I lost it on salary day. I retraced my steps from the day before, but no chance. No card to be found. Had to call the bank and cancel it. Still waiting for a replacement card. Due to all the holidays we've been having this month the banks are suffering through a huge amount of pending work. So now I'm back to living in the 80's. I have to go to the branch every few days, stand in queue and draw cash from the teller for the first time in my life.

Inzain so since yesterday my back's been knots. Couldn't sleep last night from the pain. Got out of bed this morning and found that I couldn't stand straight. Had a good laugh at myself in the middle of the pain when I attempted to shave and I couldn't bring the razor to my face. It was weird. I could extend my arms to the sides, but I couldn't bring my hand to my face. Anyhoo.. got my mom's driver to take me to the clinic at 7am and the doctor gave me a day off from work and offered two choices: an injection or pills. The injection would bring immediate relief, the pills might take 45 minutes. Chicken that I am, I chose the pills. Took them at 7.45 and two hours later I was still writhing in pain. Remembered that mom has one of those supposed "miracle cure" Ceragem beds. I fidgeted with the controls and figured out a way to get it working on my neck for about 45 minutes at 60 degrees. Ceragemed the hell out of it. Got up feeling damn good..

Felt so good in fact that I thought I was well enough to venture out. I went to the bank to draw cash. Found the bank full of people getting cheques made for the Rayan Bank IPO which everyone in the gulf is going crazy about. Still it didn't take long to get my cash. So I decided that while I was at the bank I should finish some ESO business. It took a whole hour and I finally went out without finishing it. Half an hour later the pain was back. Miracle cure my ass.


PizzaQueen said...

Definitely you sAx.
How is your corn?
Long time you don't give us news.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Sorry to hear you had such a bad day!

hehe..reminds me of my nightmare with my bank (which I will change the minute I land in Bahrain)!

I lost (misplaced actually) my cards an hour before catching my plane to Canada! Imagine having to do business over the phone with my bank in Bahrain and it's regional office in Dubai!!!

You should see my phone bills!

And then after cancelling them.. I had to get new ones processed and they wouldn't have that..

Ya awlad el nass.. you know me.. I have been doing business with you for xx number of years.. you know my family.. I want access to my money ..

la la la

ma fee faydah .. then I found the wretched cards and asked them to reactivate them .. ba3ad la la la

So for two months, I was in a foreign country with no access to my main bank account!

Omni said...

I hope you find your card, and your back gets better... soon!!

(Also has awful back pain today)

suonnoch said...

Very sorry to hear about your back. Take care of it. Have you heard of Alexander Technique? It helps you maintain posture and strengthen the back, or at least, that's my experience.

NaBHaN said...

lol..Your post was funny , but I hope you feel better soon.

AtGm said...

Salamat, maybe Ceragem beds should be used in sessions to give the proper cure.

Did you find out if the card was used?

Sree said...

If you were in India, I'd have suggested a place to visit to get your back in better shape again ... but oh well.

Good luck with stuff man - they have theft protection on check/credit cards in Oman, correct? If yes, you have nothing to worry about.

muscati said...

atgm - luckily no one had used the card or I'd have really been screwed. I suspect I had forgotten it at the checkout in Lulu Hypermarket when we were grocery shopping the night before. But when I went to Lulu the helpdesk said there weren't any lost cards found the night before.

Sree- I don't think there's any bank in Oman that has theft protection on Visa Electron. The card is your responsibility. If you lose it and someone else shops with it the bank won't take the loss until you report it lost. Since shops never look at the name on a card when you buy stuff you have to be really careful with your cards.