Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ten Years

Last week I completed ten years since I graduated from university. (and by graduated I mean finished my last exam because I haven't attended my graduation neither for my bachelors in California nor for the masters in Scotland).

Didn't feel like a milestone. And definitely not like when I went to the Sultan's School graduation last June and realized that the highschool graduates weren't even in KG when I graduated there in 1990!


OceanDream said...

You are old!

Old I tell ya! I still wish we had gove to our graduation in Glasgow..

PizzaQueen said...

lol old
How was life without iPod

Sowhat said...

gyfyal ayam tarketh ...i still remmber my first day in oman .. just as if it was yesterday ...

Samyah said...

Can't believe you guys skipped your graduation; for me that would be like missing my wedding day :p

muscati said...

It wasn't by choice. I graduate college in December and came back to Oman and started working. Graduation was end of May. I couldn't take time off from work when I had just started working not even a month and fly all the way to California just to attend graduation and come back.

With the masters graduation it was a bit different. OD was pregnant in her first trimester so we couldn't travel. There were other factors: our study leave was over and we had to return to Oman mid-September instead of waiting till graduation in November. Plus it was in Ramadhan . And there was also the matter of expenses, etc.

Mansur said...

congratulations for making it this far! Often times when I would be younger, I would play that game with my friends : where do you think you will be in 5 years time? 10 years time?

For me its been in 12 years since I finished my O'Levels, and next year in May will be 10 years for me to finish from High School...


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