Friday, December 23, 2005

Poor fella

My sister's tailor was the victom of some very unfortunate circumstances recently. When my sister and her husband went to his shop a week or so ago, he told them his story.

Him and a couple of his friends went swimming at the beach during the weekend ( about 2 weeks ago I think). While peacefully splashing about in the water, one of them brings his camera over and starts taking pictures of his friends.

Then, KABOOOOOM, out of the blue, they were ambushed by policemen and guards who arrested them and took them to the police station.

You are probably wondering why, ha? Well, the unlucky chaps had the misfortune of swimming and taking pictures infront of the American embassy :)

"Ana mafee maloom hatha feeh american embassy hnaak!!!" said the tailor.

Hehe, I feel so bad for laughing so hard when my sister told me the story, but I couldn't help it.

There is a happy ending however, the tailor's sponsor bailed them out that day, and when my sister went to see him a couple of days ago, he told her that the file was closed and that the police believed that it really was an honest mistake.


X-press said...

Of all the beach in Muscat, I have to say that it is a strange location to have picked the one facing the American Embassy!

Knowing the area, I think the police did the right thing, even if it was unfortunately just a coincidence.

illogicist said...

well yeah as XP said, good move by the police...rather silly move by your tailor and his buddies, but it can be overlooked...and the happy ending is good!

Life... said...

Poor guys! I don't think it's a silly move..masakaeen wesh daraaahom...some people can be soo naive and un-observant or just happen to be there for a swim LOL lucky their sponsor bailed them out...but no one swims there..literally no body! I used to jog around that area and never ever seen someone maybe it was a dumb move after all..LOL I cant stop laughing

Kamakazy said...

did he get his camera back?

ColOman said...

I was looking at some all boats behind the embassy a couple of years ago, which are over 150 meters away from its walls. The security told me to move away, which pissed me off since I was only looking at the boats so I refused. 2 minutes later to have 3 police cars come over and start questioning me for over an hour.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Its for security reasons...and nope I don't think they would have got their camera back, unless minus the film or the memory chip which ever camera it may have been.

OceanDream said...
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OceanDream said...

I know it was for security reasons, but its still funny!

Dunno about their camera, if it was me having the conversation with the tailor I would have asked, but my sis tends to ignore such interesting details.

@Coloman: This happened to you and yet you laughed your head off at our encounter with the police during the Elissa concert!

I guess the Americans are extra cautious. I remember when we participated in the American Woman's Group charity Bazar last month, security instructions were very clear and precise. After the vendors set up in the morning, everyone had to leave the Bustan ballroom and the police and some other special force people came in with dogs to do a security sweep.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

ODream: i wanted to attend the Bazar but the timing for it was horrible, plus it was held on a Friday :(

Kay said...

a few years ago, during thanawiya final exams, we had our exams at shatti school which is the cloest thing to the embassy and before the exam we would go park near the embassy and hang out to "revise" and be away from the tension and bad vibe u get from the rest of the girls while waiting for the bell to ring, a few times one of the guards would ask us to leave, ya3ni what would a few schoolgirls in their uniforms do? we werent taking pictures, we werent doing anything really. just parked under the shade thats across the street from the Embassy.

Najah said...

very nice!!!

Kazablanka said...

lol cute story. poor guys.

you know, I get so scared just passing by that area. I hate how the cops that have their car parked infront of the embassy just sit there and stare.. its like they watch ur every move.

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