Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Muscatis in OER

The Muscati(s) in Oman Economic Review magazine

Oman Economic Review magazine has an "interview" with me in the current issue which is out now. Unforunately you cannot browse the site without registering first. [link]

I thought I was being "interviewed" as part of a bigger article about blogging. I'm surprised when I saw it now and it's just me.


Blue Chi said...

Congratulations on the interview and thanks on the plug for the omani blog awards!

PizzaQueen said...

Tomorrow I'll run to buy it
Woa you are my hero

Sleepless In Muscat said...

it's a good article man..and you made your point clear on getting Omanis to embrace the blog culture and spreading it..

AkaRound Peg said...

But isn't your cover blown? Not that most did not know who Muscati is and it is easy enough to find out.

muscati said...

AKARound Peg- That's why I put the word interview in quotation marks. OER's editor told me that one of his reporters had written an article on blogs but he wanted it to have more about local bloggers. The reporter called me and wanted to know more about my blog. Initially he wanted me to do a write-up about my blog- typically of a journalist from an Omani publication, I guess. I refused and said why I don't I email you the link to the blog and a couple lines about it and then you can call me back to interview after you read it. I emailed him from work which automatically puts my full name in the signature (the way you see in the article). He never called me back for the interview and apparently cut and pasted what I had written in my email to make it look like an interview. For example when I said you can find a link to the Omani Blog Awards in my blog, it was an instruction to the journalist to take it from there and put in his article. Instead he just cut and pasted what I wrote.

By the way, the magazine is usually disitributed for free inside in a stand inside Shatti Cinema. You can look for it next time you're in the movies.

Kay said...

no way! fine journalism!!

John B. Chilton said...

Well deserved. You have a thoughtful blog with a great touch for a how to deal with sensitive subjects and encourage productive debate.

Petite For Life said...

Mabook, best wishes for the rest & thanks for mentioning about the OBA.

illogicist said...

Too bad I cant get my hands on it, but its great for you

Chandra Bhushan said...

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