Thursday, December 29, 2005


1. The Oman Blog Aggregator - If you're an Omani blogger, or an Oman-based blogger, do take the time to register your blog on the Oman Blog Aggregator. The site takes feeds from all registered blogs and aggregates them on a single page.

1.5 is a geographic aggregator which has thus far created specific sites for Oman, UAE, South Africa, Egypt, New Zealand, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In case you're wondering, iop is I'm On a Plane, a collective blog from the UAE.

2. newsBriefsOman - nBO started out as a news archive, created and run by Sue Hutton. I've been using it religiously for years whenever I need to search for archival news items from the Omani media. Lately Sue has been too busy to update the archive so she's gone and converted it into a blog where she comments on Oman-related news. The depth of her knowledge on Oman, and her strength in research shines through in all her writing. Highly recommended.