Sunday, December 11, 2005

Incompetent Omani Newspaper Dude

From here on, the above mentioned person will be referred to as IOND.

This week we sent out invitations to all the Arabic and English newspapers in Oman asking them to kindly send reporters to cover the Bird Flu lecture (which was amazing by the way for all of you people who didn't attend).

So one of the Arabic papers graciously accepts and sends one their reporters: (IOND). IOND walks up to me before the lecture, introduces himself and tells me he wants to do a write-up on the lecture.

Excellent, says I.

To which he replies, can you write me a small paragraph with all of your society's aims and objectives?

No problem I say.

IOND: Can I also get a copy of the lecturer's presentation?

Me: Ummm, I'm not sure the lecturer would agree to that, but please come with me to the front and I will introduce you to her and perhaps you can get the information you want from her now.

IOND: La, la its ok. No need to disturb her before the lecture, maybe you can just write up a summery of her presentation for me highlighting the important points.

Me: *gapes*

IOND: Will you be taking pictures?

Me: *nods head*

IOND: Oh good because I don't have a photographer with me, so can you email me a picture or two to use for my story?

OD: .............................................

IOND: Thans so much OD, I'll call you. Sorry though, I can't remain for the lecture, I have other things to do. *waves*

IOND leaves before I catch my breath and before the lecture starts.


Blue Chi said...

It is so horrible it sounds funny.

How old was this person? Was he a new reporter, or was this the way reporters do their job in Oman?

PizzaQueen said...

lol OD you should have asked how much he'd pay to do his job

illogicist said...

Are you going to email him the stuff he asked for?? Because if I were you I wouldn't - it isn't worth it, the guy should get nothing.

But then again, he probably wouldnt get any punishment for not doing his job, and this gives you some opportunity to control what goes into the paper...probably better than what that guy would have written anyway. Maybe it would be right to swallow your pride and just do it...I dunno!

Sowhat said...

well then no wonder Omani News Paper look like this ..

NiGhTFaCe said...

Welcome to the reality of our media!

That is happening everyday! No wonder when we see the same coverage/report for an event in all the newspapers!

Petite For Life said...

Don't email him at all, it shows the true reality of our media and how lazy the reporter is.

OceanDream said...

I have half a mind not to send him anything only because I am still shocked at his audacity. Then I start thinking, ESO needs the press.

As you all said, this is not uncommon with our press.

Infact, for the arabic papers, as well as some of the English ones, I just email them everything and beg them to publish it. The English ones usually oblige while the Arabic ones ignore.

Unfortunately, the Arabic papers aren't that interested in our Society. The English papers are much better.

Arabic papers are only interested in societies that invite VIPs to their functions. I'm sure they would be begging us to attend if I told them some minister or another was going to be at this or that lecture.

Oh and they are obsessed with marathons for some reason. If ESO had a marathon then they'd come by and take pics.

Arab Pearl said...

i find the press in this country amusing, especially the arabic one. In fact, a few months ago, i'm not quite sure which arabic newspaper it was, had published a topic about omani students and their achievements abroad and out of these omani student, one in particular did was not a scholarship students and during her interview she had stressed on that point, however, they ignored her and claimed that she was one and even after she had called them to inform them of their mistake, they disregarded her comment again! Point being, the jounalists write what they find interesting and better yet, if too interesting they can't help but twist the contents for their or let's say "certain organisation's" benefit.

In this particular instance, the reporter sounds just like the average omani reporter who cannot be bothered to publish a story that may not add value to his work, however, add knowledge to those reading the news and increase awareness and this serves to prove that alot of the new comers are unprofessional and do not take their work seriously. Shame, i'm yet to read a newspaper that keeps me on the edge. They expect others to do their work for them.

Anyway, i know its a lil late for a comment to that entry, however, i had just come across it and couldn't help but post a comment, check it out: "reBlog: Abayas at work"

NaBHaN said...

I don't think he should even call himself a reporter. they should seriously fire him!

illogicist said...

Unfortunately, one of the main problems is that they cant fire him. If you know you wont be fired, why even do your job? A friend of mine was telling me about his dad's company in the Emirates, where he was forced to hire locals. Some of these guys would come to work two days a week, and disappear after the lunch break. But he wasnt allowed to do anything about them. Finally he managed to have them replaced - only by more locals who did the exact same thing.

Obviously not all locals are like that - the problem is with the system. If the system guarantees you a right to slack off, to expect ppl not to is silly.

Kamakazy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nameless said...

The height of both laziness and ineptitude..

Disgraceful in a word.

TI3GIB said...

LoooL .. that was fast ..

Najah said...

oh my god.

AtGm said...

Highly amusing! I hate seeing this guy getting away with it. But also don't want such event to pass by un-noticed! I'd get everything read and set, but instead of giving it to the guy, giving it to his post, would do the trick.

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