Friday, December 30, 2005

Get married another day, will ya!

I've decided that I hate the wedding season. No, I have nothing against the people getting married or their families. I just hate their evil plan invite my wife to weddings every single Thursday night in December and January. As a private sector employee who gets only one day off a week, Thursday is the only night that I can look forward to spending with my wife without having to worry about work the next morning. And yet for the past three weeks I've been spending Thursday night bored out of my mind, driving aimlessly around town, inventing things to do at the ESO office, and eating disgusting junk food.

Men should join together and put their foot down. No more Thursday weddings.


PizzaQueen said...

What day did you get married ;p

muscati said...


OceanDream said...

Yeah we got married on a Tuesday and did not ruin anyone's weekend plans :) The only thing is, most of our friends and family took Wednesday off cause they knew they would be up late the night before.


Atleast the next weekend weeding I have is a Mr & Mrs reception :)

PizzaQueen said...

lol you two must always be different la
In case I get married I will make a survey

Arabian Princess said...

I got married in a thursday, and if I went back I wouldnt change the day :p

Its easier for everyone else .. it takes hours in the saloon, and if my cousins and sisters want to enjoy my wedding they would have all to take leave (hard for uni & school students). Thursday is the perfect day!
I hate weddings on weekdays, if they finish late I will have to go work next day deprived of sleep :(

Lym said...

That is one the cutest post I ever read on the Muscatis blog.

Weddings on Thursdays are conveniet for single ladies while I think it is the opposite for married ones.

Well , Hang in there. The wedding season is going to end soon.

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