Monday, November 28, 2005

Outta gas!



Petrol stations have been running out of gas for the past few days. Yesterday I had to drive to three stations till I found one with petrol to fill in. We got a call from someone who works in one of the oil companies about ten days ago warning us that a shortage was coming up and we should't let our car tanks empty. I guess I should have listened to his advice, but a week had passed since he told us and things seemed to be normal till all of a sudden yesterday one station after another started turning away customers.

Apparently the three filling station companies are alloted quotas by Oman Refinery based on orders which they give in advance every three or four months. The last time they placed orders was before the UAE increased their fuel prices and now due to the large numbers of UAE residents in border towns like Buraimi who come in to fill their cars in Oman the petrol supply is running out before the end of the quota period.

I tried to find coverage about this in today's papers but neither the Times of Oman or the Observer had anything. You think maybe their reporters don't drive or are they just out of touch or waiting for someone to send them a press release to publish as if it was real news?

Whatever the reason is behind this shortage, the fact is they knew that supplies are running low and they didn't manage the crises. Who's to blame, the gas companies or the regulators? Are gas stations running dry for the same reason that we're told or is this some engineered scenario to eventually justify a fuel price hike in Oman?

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Samyah said...

Bless his heart Qaboos refused to raise our gas prices while all other '7aleeji countries did. I heard dad saying the reason stations here ran out was bcos of the imbalance btwn us and the UAE.

PizzaQueen said...

No, I didn't hear about that.
Musca, ever thought that the problem with you is bad luck lol
And look who's talking :p

NiGhTFaCe said...

I didnt notice this & I didnt even hear anyone talking about it. But, if we would look at the situation going on in Al Buraimi, so for sure that is a reason.

By the way, always try to refuel before going under the quarter :p

OceanDream said...

Same thing happened to me yesterday. I wanted to fill up after work, even though tank was more than a quarter full. I went to the nearest Oman Oil but the Indian man just smailed and waved me away.

I did manage to fill up my car at Shell.

Maybe Shell stations don't have a problem? Because Mux also managed to fill at Shell after he failed twice at Oman Oil stations.

PizzaQueen said...

It seems that another guy in Oman had the same problem
Musca my hero, you are not alone!!!

Arabian Princess said...

didnt face this problem .. fueled gas yesterday easily and the station was empty!

muscati said...

AP, the problem was supposed to last only till the end of November. I suppose the problem has been solved by now.

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