Tuesday, November 01, 2005

iTrip R.I.P.


My iTrip's gone kaput. No more iPod music in the car for the time being. Since the new 5th Gen iPods no longer have a remote socket on the top I've decided to wait till the new iTrip which connects on the bottom of the iPod comes out before I buy a replacement. No use buying a new one now and then having to buy another in a couple months if I buy a new iPod.


OceanDream said...

The dude is SOOOOO hinting that he wants a new iPOD!

illogicist said...

luckily for us (not you :p), it isnt our burden to bear! lol

Balqis said...

now will he start again posting in all forums about the beauty of ipods?

M-Pac said...

7araam 3aleikum :P

He doesn't want a new iPod. He wants the new iTrip, that connects on the bottom of the iPod.


Balqis said...

for me are all the same
ask your brother :p
well but is bottom connected anyway
i was not that far

vkn said...

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Eid Mubarak my friend!

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