Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How much lower?

Michael Jackson's here in Muscat since yesterday on some undisclosed private business. One rumor has it that he's here as a guest of the developers of the Blue City to get home to invest in the project. Another is that he's here to be part of something to do with National Day.

Whichever it is, isn't it proof that the guy's hit rock bottom.


AkaRound Peg said...

If indeed MJ is here for the National Day celebrations, its more like how much lower can Oman get!

3omani said...

Ha ha. Someone today said to me 'Imagine where he must have reached to have to visit Oman'.

From the King of Pop to an Al-Bahja mall shopper.

NaBHaN said...

I don't even feel that he's a celebrity anymore. If i saw him on the street I wouldn't have a reaction and would carry on doing my thing.

NiGhTFaCe said...

He is here for business for sure. I just wonder what he can offer if he is here for the National Day!

DevilishAngel said...

lol, I doubt he's in Oman to perform, let alone for national day...but hey SHOCK me if he does! I know for a fact he was in bahrain to purchase property in the durrat el bahrain project. Must be in Oman for investments too...since el a5 emfalis 7adda he needs to sha'3l what's remaining of his money. The animals in lala land madry never land arent even being fed coz the dude is broke haha!

Najah said...

poor thing why are you all bashing the guy...
How is the weather in Oman, i bet its good?

ColOman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ColOman said...

If you guys don't stop bad mouthing MJ there is going to be blood on the floor

3omani said...

'Investment'? I hear regional governments are giving celebrities free or dirt-cheap properties on these luxurious islands to make them more attractive to other buyers. Oman's probably doing the same, except that the chosen celebrity is a terrible one. It probably won't attract anyone with kids.

muscati said...

devilishangel- I think he's living in Bahrain now, not just visiting there to buy property. I heard he's bought two properties there but on Amwaj Islands, not Durat Al Bahrain.

colOman- Don't you mean blood on the dance floor?

3omani- I don't think the Omani government is going to offer him anything. It's more probable that since Blue City is a joint venture between an Omani and a Bahraini company that the Bahraini partners used their connections to get him here to show him the location in case he wants to invest here too.

Balqis said...

The taxi driver said he'll stay two weeks :<

Samyah said...

One of my mom's friends got to sit with him for over an hour and chat; said he was pretty humble and down to earth. His nose & chin kinda creep me out though.. poor guy.

I don't think its low Mux, he's lucky to have stumbled upon our peaceful & beautiful country :) And its neat that we got to have a musical icon in Oman at last!

illogicist said...

hes more than a musical icon, Im tempted to say music is a Jacksonian icon!

muscati said...

Samyah- come on, seriously, if Michael Jackson was still a superstar he wouldn't anywhere close to the Gulf, let alone Oman.

Kazablanka said...

I am not happy he is here. I feel very uncomfortable knowing he is only a couple of km away from me.

This is very disturbing.

Balqis said...

Hyatt guy said he is in Bustan now for a change

Kazablanka said...

dude balqis, you stalking this guy or what? lol

keeping tabs on him lol

Kamakazy said...

if he is here for national day, maybe we are going to hear him sing the national anthem soon...

Balqis said...

Kama did you drink camel milk?

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