Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cinema (mis)Management

Forget censorship, what we need is good cinema managers. Last night my mother in law invited all of us to go see the new Adel Imam movie together at Shatti Cinema. We got there super early because we were told it was going to be a full show. We got in our seats in time. The cinema was full of Arab families. The lights dimmed. And the first movie trailer was for a movie called The Keeper which was definitely not made for showing in cinemas. The trailer was full of four letter words and even slight nudity. You could feel the discomfort in the cinema rise. The trailer ended and a second one began for a low budget straight to video horror flick called Man-Thing. This one was worst. It began with moaning sounds and then there were a couple having sex on a boat in the middle of a swamp. Next thing you know, the woman's boobs were exposed to the extreme horror of a couple hundred people sitting with their families in the theater. People in the cinema were wondering if they had entered the wrong cinema hall.

What's up with this stupid cinema's managers? Except for the nudity, this is quite typical of Shatti cinema. This is the kind of cinema that would show trailers for action and horror movies before a Disney animation so a fuck up like this isn't unusual. How can parents trust an incompetent management like this to enforce film ratings when their kids go to the movies alone if they're willing to do crap like this even with the parents in attendence?


Mindazi said...
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Mindazi said...

The last time I went to that crappy cinema was in 2002...they had screwed up the sound so everything was downmixed to a single speaker in the rear of the theater. I don't know how anyone could keep watching the movie. We left 5 minutes after the movie started and the idiot manager blamed the distributor and refused to issue refunds.


illogicist said...

Muscati, I'm curious, what did you do after that?

muscati said...

To tell the truth I didn't do anything. When the movie ended the cinema lobby was way too crowded with the crowd for the next sold-out shows and we just went straight out.

I'm tired of feeling like I'm the only one who ever complains to the management when I'm dissatisfied or when I see something wrong. I've spoken to the cinema's manager so many times about different issues and the only one he's ever done anything about is when I asked him to put queue lines on the concession stands to stop the chaos of people ordering snacks all at the same time.

Like Mindazi, I complained many times about the sound system but they never admit that they have a problem with their speakers. They always blame the movie prints. If you notice Shatti cinema no. 1 has a problem with the sound always cutting out and the surround system dies, going down to just one speaker. I guess no one cares and the people watching the movie don't care either that they're not getting their money's worth.

AkaRound Peg said...

A bit off topic ...

I really liked the pictures of Bait Al3ood.Thanks for sharing. How do you pronouce the name?

Does anybody still live in it?

It will be so nice if you can do a feature on this house - maybe give a floor plan of the house, share something of what the house seen and the people that have lived in it and perhaps highlight the unique / interesting parts of the house.

I don't know if it is just me but I am always facinated by old houses (loved the abandoned village in Tanuf)and I end up looking at houses the way others might enjoy a painting.

This feature might give us a glimpse into life in Muttrah in the 50s'.

muscati said...

Smily3, if it were up to me I'd want to be involved in a project to renovate that house and turn it into a museum. The government has expressed interest a couple times but nothing too serious. It would cost a fortune to fix the place up. The house is still inhabited and I don't have floor plans to share. The house is actually made up of two houses, the section which I photographed is the newer housre which was built in 1943, the section in the back is even older and is slighly elevated (you can tell from the pictures).

AkaRound Peg said...

Maybe describe the house - something like the majlis at the fore-front, the kitchen at rear end, maybe more than one kitchen, bedroom and balcony.., view from balcony as it was when contstructed and the road was not as busy as it is today. The flooring...

The use of wooden rafters is so good for this region, filters in the light and air but keeps the glare out. Also I see there is a courtyard - do you have more than one - one perhaps exclusively for women?

I guess the house was built mostly by Omani artisans.

Kazablanka said...

I think I'm gonna go see the new Adil Imam movie now, just to see those ads! lol

anyway, I've learned that complaining gets you no where. If you want to see a change you have to use force. And by force i mean, ifad7ing them or publicly announcing how crappy the place and their service is.

I think their should be like a complain column in newspapers or the week where normal people can complain about how crappy some things here in oman are.

OceanDream said...

I think mama is still shaken by the sight the naked boobies she saw yesterday. Despite the darkness of the theatre, I swear I could still see her blushing!

Kaza, our blog is like a newspaper as well :) This is where we post our opinions on everything that comes to mind. Only difference is, we don't have as many readers, hehe. But you are right, people should do more more and take more assertive steps if we want to see any changes at all.

NaBHaN said...

That's just horrible and someone really does need to say something about it. I still don't get why they would be playing a B rated movie in the first place.

And yeah.. The sound did cut off several times when I watched zorro last friday..it was very annoying.


Off topic : Muscati , i heard recently that they wanted to turn bait il 3od to an office space for the ministry of heritage and of course they would fully restore everything , but our uncle is refusing their offer.

Mindazi said...

I'm surprised the ministry hasn't taken any action against them.

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