Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bad Bad OmanTel Shares

I have never ever invested my money. Its not my thing. Actually I wouldn't know how even if I wanted to. I'm more what you'd call, the spending type. So is my husband really. For once, and after ALOT of though, not to mention encouragement from about every single Omani citizen, we decided to invest in OmanTel.

And look what happened.

Day after day, an entire population's dream slowly diminishes.

Maybe we all just had really high hopes.

Maybe it was just wishful thinking.

Maybe its bad luck.

Maybe I'll never ever buy any shares in anything again and be content with my rediculously low government salary.

Then again, maybe, just maybe, the price will go up again.


illogicist said...

I'm out of touch - what happened?

Chulupu said...

Than maybe, maybe the price will go up again LOL. Thats the problem isnt it?. Good One OD :)

DevilishAngel said...

The price will go up, eventually, after all the big investors buy all the shares they want at rock bottom prices.

Once they've filled up their tummies, they'll beckon the foreigners to start buying, so they can sell and make big money, big time.

Its much more political than you think. There is a ring of 'market mafia' in control.

The brighter days will come, don't give in...just suffer till then :P

Chulupu said...


You really want to belive that huh??!!. Thats the whole issue of stock is analyzing the market, holding on to that hope.

The best thing is set a target for yourself, if it reaches that target sell and forget what others say, if goes down below the target, SELL as well before its too late

muscati said...

z - Omantel's shares were sold in the IPO at RO. 1.280 each. On the first day of trading it opened at 2.8 and then immediately started to slide down but it then settled at the RO. 2.4 range for a while. It then suddenly started to slide down until it reached close to 1.8 but it quickly came back up to the RO. 2.1 to 2.2 range. Last month it came back to the 2.3 level again but once trading was opened to companies and foreigners, instead of the price going up it started to fall very rapidly.

Now people say it might even go to to RO. 1.5. In that case all the people who held on to their shares and haven't sold till now would have lost out on the chance to sell at almost double profits. People are still hopeful it will come up again and they are refusing to sell.

The thing is it is not a situation where the share has lost its appeal. In fact the market has demand for as many shares as possible. It's obvious that the big sharks who have the liquidity want the share but since people are panicking and selling at low prices the sharks see no reason to bid it up. The lower it gets, the more shares they buy.

illogicist said...

thanks for the explanation M, makes more sense now.

OceanDream said...

Bad bad sharks.

But I guess ma 7ad yakhuth na9eeb a7ad.

It just wasn't meant to be.

(I'm hoping the sharks read this and feel sorry for us)

Kamakazy said...

i think the OmanTel shares needs a good spanking...

Something Omani said...


in my humble opinion, there are is hope but it all depends on the investors strategy. Are you short term or long term investor. If you are a short term investor then the big sharks were counting on you selling without looking into the longterm prospects of the company. Meanwhile you had made 0.25-1.5 OMR for every share you have depending at what point you are selling/sold your shares. If you are a long term investor then you need to think of Omantel as a telecoms company in many aspects. The company has been existing for a long time and it has been very profitable so sooner or later it will have to go through some rough times but it will not collapse entirely. Furthermore, the opportunity for you is now to decrease your cost per share and increase the chances of you making more profit. On another standpoint, Omantel will be undergoing major changes whether you like it or not to accomodate the entry of a competitor and for that it will incur some costs that it has not paid attention to in the past. So its natural that the balance sheets are not going to look so tempting for anyone. Another point, is that international investors must be thinking the same and are somewhat skeptical about investing in Omantel at the moment for the same reasons some shareholders are not confident of the Company's future performance.

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