Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ooh that was a loud one, wasn't it?

Listening to Oman FM today the genius deejay had the brilliant idea of playing a Barbara Streisand ballad followed by the latest single from System of a Down. From the sound of it, she hadn't heard the SOAD song before she played it. "Ooh, that was a loud one, wasn't it?" she said.

Can't wait till I don't have to heard that kind of stupidity on the air anymore when private stations start next year. Imagine if when they do they go and hire the same idiots over there.


NiGhTFaCe said...

I heard that comment & I was like WHAT?!! :S

OceanDream said...

Yeah I was in thecar with him when we heard that. I mean, what kind of comment is that anyhow!

What appalled Mux even more is that they could play SOAD and Barabra Streisand back to back :)

NaBHaN said...

lol..where do they get these people from.

Sowhat said...

private stations gonna start next year wow thats a good news .. thanks for the info ..

tomboy said...

Was it the track BYOB?
Because i think its reallly blasting...nice song though...

Wardat_il'7leej said...

It sickens me to know that if I turn on the car radio to Oman FM I get hopeless nonsense coming out of the box. Plus the other mumbo jumbo vocab. & pronunciation mistakes that make me want to hit my head on the steering wheel.

Samyah said...

lol, you guys are so mean! She probably just isn't familiar with that type of music, ya 7lelha :p

Lym said...

Excuse my ignorance but isn't there a deejay who choses the songs and plays them and then a presenter , who just comments and talks on the radio ?
Or is it just one person handling both jobs?

Winger said...

Any private station should bring in a major western station with their jingles, DJs etc. One of the Dubai stations did it a few years back. But I don't think they will -cheapskates!

nirmal said...

I think oman FM souls come up with a ideology of less talk and more music.Maybe play a lot of fancy jingles like dubai stations do.Atleast u will hear less of crap.

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