Saturday, October 29, 2005

Omani Queueing System


Picture taken at the Ministry of Housing this morning. It took 2 hours to go through that mess just to get an invoice to take to the bank to pay for a plot which was already appropriated a year ago.


Qatar Cat said...

Oh lol that looks sooo much like Cyprus! Except for the outfits, of course...


Kamakazy said...

its a jungle out there, the who could fight his way to the front will get served...

what a shame... and this could be found in many other places...

from some ppl, they dont need to go through all this, if you got wasta why waste-ta your time in that mess?

John B. Chilton said...

Looks like you need a wideangle lens on your camera. Just how wide was that line?

muscati said...

It's a phone cam pick, John. No lens choices. The line was as wide as the room was, which is about a meter or a meter and a half more on each side of the counter windows, and it was about 5 or 7 men deep all around. And the B.O.!!!

Balqis said...

Yesterday i went to pay Omantel bills, am dumb i know, dunno how to use the machines what to do.
So after 20 min, this lady came and asked me if there was a ladies queue: while thinking "duh this is Oman not KSA" i politely answered no. Then i realised what she meant cause she came to cashier right after me without queueing and no one complained; in Italy they'd have killed her.
But to be honest i wouldn't have done like her, a queue is a queue also for a woman.

muscati said...

Balqis, why don't you pay your bills online. If you bank with BankMuscat, NBO or HSBC you can pay through their online banking systems from the comfort of your own home.

Najah said...

how sad, i couldnt even figure where is the line starting and where is it ending :S....!

Balqis: they have to have women sections everywhere, i remember when i went to get my license i was sooooo pisssed, it was just like this mess in this picture how from hell a lady come in between them or line (if there was a line!) No way. I had to go somewhere else ask the whatever higher person in there to finish it up, and hamdulilah they were cooperative :). said...

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