Monday, October 10, 2005


Here's a sampler of the weird, funny or just downright mundane stuff you're missing if you haven't been checking out the muscatiblog flickr photos.


I had a corn the size Musandam removed from my foot last Thursday. I've been trying all sorts of over-the-counter treatments with no results. All this time I thought it was a wart. Finally gave up on it because it was begining to hurt so I went to the clinic and asked them to take it out. I thought they'd freeze it out with liquid nitrogen but the doc said that's only done with warts, since this one's a corn it had to be shaven out. Sounded easy to me so I told him to go for it. Didn't know that "shaving" it out actually means more like using sharp razors to cut all around it, put a pin through it and then pull it out and cut underneath it. They used a local anasthetic so there wasn't much pain except for the injection of the anasthetic into the corn. But once they were done.. boy that's when the pain began. Hurt so much I couldn't go to work the next day. Oh well, it's gone and I'm all fixed. Doctor says there's a 5% chance the fucker will come back though.

F'in Copy Control

I usually refuse to buy any CD which has Copy Control on it, but I couldn't resist this time. Couldn't boycott the Stones especially with their new album getting such rave reviews (four and half stars in RollingStone magazine). It copied alright into my iPod. All I had to do was keep the Esc button pressed when I put the CD in my laptop and there it was on iTunes.


Back to analog. Forget about PDAs. I've had my share of them begining with the original Palm Pilot almost 10 years ago. I finally found a solution: the Moleskine Cahier pocket notebook. When I ordered mine I thought I was just following a fad and it would join all the other crap I buy and never use. Quite surprisingly, I use it all the time. It's small enough to fit in my pocket and I carry it with my wallet all the time. Keep notes, write reminders, put down thoughts and ideas, etc. I got mine from Mojo London.


Ok, you either get why this name is funny or you don't. I've been taking a medicine called Zyrtek on a regular basis for the past 7 years for an allergy. The other day I had a really bad allergy rash so I went to the pharmacy across the parking lot from where I work and asked for some Zyrtek. They said they only deal with generic drugs and gave me this one which is identical in composition. It worked fine but wow.. what a name!

In today's mail

This Ramadhan we decided to skip all the stupid shows on TV and we're just watching TV shows on DVD. We're about three quarters through Lost now and when we're done we'll get into Desperate Housewives and then Scrubs season 2.

10 comments: said...

This comment is proberly gonna get deleted...but:

4 'Escape' the island
The numbers are very important
Smoke is to security systems as white polar bears are to the mind...

and the others...


If you never watched what i am talking about then you wont have any idea of what I am saying...

...i'm on Season 2.

Blue Chi said...

I think that I tried only ripping my copyprotected CDs once, and it didn't work, I usually download the music before I purchase the thing. What OS are you using?

NaBHaN said...

It's so easy to rip 'copy protected' cds.. there are many programs that hack into them.

Anyways.. did you like the new stones album? I didnt think it was very good.. maybe it's cause I am not a fan of their music.

Arabian Princess said...

loooool @ Ziran!! make sure it doesnt affect you any other way :p

Mansur said...

Please oh please where did you get the Lost DVD Season 1!!!!!!! I so badly want one....and I cannot find it anywhere in Dubai....I am so desperate...


muscati said...

Blue_chi, I'm on Windows XP. It depends what type of copy protection is on the CD but most of them work on Auto Play so if you disable Auto Play by keeping the Esc button pressed while the CD is loaded you bypass it.

Nabhan, I haven't heard the full CD yet so I can't comment. But I am a Stones fan and I always find a bunch of songs that I like on even their weak albums.

Mansur, I ordered it online. Even if this was available locally it would probably cost double what you can get it for on or amazon. I got it on for £29 with free shipping. That's like 200 dirhams.

illogicist said...

Scrubs is great. I saw lost for the first time the other day (TV without license weeeeeee) and it wasnt bad either. Seemed ok, anyway.

TI3GIB said...

Dude, you gotta send me a copy of Scrubs ... the most entertaining thing on TV ... besides Al-Jazeera News ofcourse ...

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