Sunday, October 23, 2005

Did you know .....

That you can pay for gas (or petrol as most ppl say) at Oman Oil using your Visa Electron? I'm so excited by this new and wonderful discovery. I get the feeling that this revelation is probably old news to many, but, I'm excited anyways.

I never ever have any cash on me. If I'm out shopping, then I use my Electron. If I'm going for coffee or to the tailor, etc, then I just stop by the ATM machine on my way and withdraw the amount I want.

Today I was on my way out when I discovered that my car needed petrol. So I call Mux to double check the piece of info I kind of remember him giving me regarding using my Electron at some petrol station (apparently it was Al Maha station that he was refering to). Me being me, I am already at Oman Oil before he has even had a chance to tell me that I have the wrong station. I thought I'd take a chance and ask the attendant. To Mux's surprise, the man said my card was welcome there.

Filled my car. I was happy.

Mux was upset. Hates people who don't advertise their services. Insists they should put up a sign.


muscati said...

Damn right I was upset. You've no idea how many times I've been late to work because I need to fill up in the morning and I drive into MQ to draw cash and then go to the Oman Oil station to fill up. They've never advertised that they accept cards. There's no mention anywhere in the station that you can pay with Visa Electron. Meanwhile, Al Maha which I never ever fill-up in always advertise that they accept all cards in their stations.

Devilish said...

Were they fast in the transaction !? I also prefer to use the visa electron, but the vendors r usually slow processing the transaction !!

NiGhTFaCe said...

I guess all the pertol stations accept the card.

I agree with Devilish about the process might taking time. Myself I dont mind use the card everywhere. But, its easier at the petrol stations to pay & go rather than waiting for their transacion.

OceanDream said...

Actually the process didn't take longer than usual. I agree it would be faster to just pay in cash, but in a situation like the one I faced, it was very convenient that they accepted cards.

Arabian Princess said...

I didnt know that!! I also had to always go to the atm machine, withdraw money and then pay the petrol man ..

Thanks for the news OD :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

i always knew that Al Maha petrol stations offered this new service. But there has never been any advertising on the Oman Oil part regarding this..

wonder why?

and between you and me i don't trust giving my electron card to someone who walks off with it. who knows if he double charges me like some places in Oman? (and I do have proof)

Sowhat said...

i didnt know that !!

gonna try next time :) thanks OD :)