Monday, September 19, 2005

Will it leave any skin on your face?

Gillette has escalated the razor wars yet again, unveiling a new line of razors on Wednesday with five blades and a lubricating strip on both the front and back.

The razor, known as the Fusion, has blades spaced 30 percent closer than Gillette's current MACH3Turbo system. It also has a single blade on the back of the cartridge for shaving sideburns or trimming under the nose.

The move renews an ongoing blade battle with Schick which launched a four-blade razor, the Quattro, last year. The move ate into Gillette sales and sparked a legal battle between the two companies. Schick is adding a battery-powered Quattro to its lineup this month, while Gillette's Fusion -- in both manual and battery-powered models -- won't hit North American stores until early next year.

The Fusion will also be available in a power version and features a micro-chip that regulates the voltage and blade action. Other high-tech features include a low battery indicator light and a safety switch that shuts the razor down after eight minutes of continuous operation. [link]

What's next? I tried that Schick Quattro once and my face looked like a battle field afterwards. Who needs 5 blades in a razor?!


Sowhat said...

Exactly !! When i shift to MACH3 i found it ok .. but not an easy one to control .. if you are keeping a bear .. but why five ??

NaBHaN said...

I used to use the MACH3 which worked pretty well for me.. but then got fed up cause the blades need constant changing ( i can't really shave unless they're super sharp! ) , so I just started using disposable blades which works perfectly fine.

hibbalicious said...

lol this looks like an awesome razor for shaving ur legs, mens razors r always better then womens

NiGhTFaCe said...

I just laugh at every time the Gillette shows a new product, all that because I stopped using blades.

I dont go for a clean shave, the machine works fine with me.

Mansur said...

I switched over from gillete to double gillete, and then over to mach3, then mach3 turbo..and then i realized how costly it was to get the new blades and the hassle of using shaving cream and all. So, I simply buy Phillips Aqua Philishave, and I am in love with it. It gives me as close as the 3 blades shave. I dont understand this battery powered blades...they are just selling a gimmick, and trying to upgrade their existing blades...