Friday, September 02, 2005

LCD iTrip

Griffin Technology has finally come through with an improvement to the iTrip. I've been suffering with my iTrip for about a year now and there isn't a single frequency that gives clear music. It's such a hassle tuning the damn thing and worst of all the frequencies are kept as files in the iPod like songs so you can't shuffle unless you use a smart playlist.

The new iTrip has a knob on the side for tuning frequencies which are displayed right there on its LCD display. Griffin claims that the new iTrip produces clearer sound "
even in the toughest situations, such as large cities with lots of radio stations crowding the dial, iTrip's DX Mode delivers a noise level that's below that of a cassette tape adapter, allowing the music to punch through cleanly."

Price: $39. [link]


muscati said...

Apparently the DX mode is mono FM transmission so it's no good for music but acceptable for podcasts and audio books. Standard stereo transmission is same quality as the old iTrip.

Blue Chi said...

Yeah, it's all over the internet today.

Talking about the shuffle thing, I also have a similar problem as podcasts pop up whenever I shuffle songs.

Beast said...

I already believe that the iTrip sucks a lot of my iPod batterry life! Adding an LCD would just make it unacceptable for me.

muscati said...

Beast- I use the iTrip with a car charger. Never without it. If it wasn't for the iTrip I wouldn't have much use for my iPod because I listen to music mostly in the car and rarely anywhere else these days.

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