Friday, September 16, 2005

It's been a year

On September 15th, 2004 I submitted my dissertation at Strathclyde Graduate School of Business and the very next day we were on a flight back to Oman.

When OD submitted her dissertation on September 2nd last year, she wrote the following here on the blog:

Apparently this degree of mine should open many doors for me, career wise. The only door I want opened is one that belongs to a different company offering me a better job! Will start job hunting when I get back home..

I was too too busy packing when I finshed mine so I don't have anything to flash back to. We came back to Oman full of hope and trepidation. I was so excited about being back that I reported back to work a week before the end of my study leave.

Here we are a year later and we're both in the same jobs. Neither of us got promoted. Neither of us has seen any advantage of the post-graduate studies yet. In fact my career hit the pause button for about 10 months before it finally started moving. I never had plans to look for a new job. I'm happy where I am. Worst case, I thought I'd go for my back to my old position with the same responsibilities as if I was away on a one year vacation. Instead I got benched and forgotten. I wasn't exactly jobless. I was given a task and a responsibility. It just wasn't a full time thing.

First it was ok, then it started to get to me. I kept a brave face, but my body refused to accept it. About six months into it my blood pressure started to act up. It scared the hell out of me. I guess I was repressing my frustration but thank God, that's all under control now. Al Faisal's birth
put everything into perspective. I've always believed that when things look bad you need to take a step back and look at things from a wider perspective. For a while there, I forgot my own advice.

So was it worth it or was it a waste of time? I'd say despite all the negativity, it was well worth it. The course might not have been that good and the degree didn't do anything for me. My career plans are now two years off-course. But still, going back to school and spending a year away was a great experience. Worst case, I look at it as a one year semi-paid vacation interrupted by occasional exams and writing assingments.

The year since we came back has been good as well other than the career aspect. We had a beautiful baby and worked on designing a house of our own. We've done a lot of work with ESO to get it off the ground. And we're now also involved with the British Alumni Network in Oman (BANO).
Things are finally begining to work out. I have actual work to do these days. OD's begining her job search in earnest. And construction should begin soon on the house. Yes, on the whole it has been a good year. Al 7amd lilah.


Blue Chi said...

I think that the experience on its own of staying abroad for a whole year is worth it even if it did not have the greatest impact on your actual career, who knows, maybe it will eventually.

illogicist said...

Its good you can see things so optimistically. I feel the same about my first year - not about the career, but about the whole, theres more to it than that, aspect.

BTW, can you tell more about this British Alumni thing?

Arabian Princess said...

The fact that you came back with a master degree in hands is great by itself .. Now, with the previous experience you had you are more wanted in the workforce!

wish you all the best and to OD too.

Nash said...

A degree is a door opener, may not necessarily be a career booster.

Samyah said...

Inshallah you both will get much better jobs in the near future, I pity the companies that don't see your potential! ;)

Nash said...

One more thing Muscati & OD, the benefits are long term. You both sound like good hearted hard working people, Inshallah you will be rewarded.

mortal thoughts said...

2 things - Good things happen to good people. It will surely. You are in my prayer list.


Bad things happen to good people - but not for long. May be its over, maybe it will be over. Again, you are in prayer list.

God bless you both.