Monday, September 12, 2005

For real or just a marketing gimmick?

Shell claims it has a new fuel mix which results in better mileage. Sounds cool, but is it true? I thought all petrol in Oman comes from Oman Refinery Co regardless whether you fill up at Oman Oil, Al Maha or Shell. I wonder if anyone reading this blog knows about whether the refinery does different mixes for each of the companies or if the companies put additives into the fuel after they buy it from the refinery. I'm quite sure that fuel transport tankers fill up at the refinery and then go straight to the stations thast they supply.

Sounds like a rip-off to me. Anyone know elsewise?


M-Pac said...

I think it's a rip-off. I went to the station the other day and asked for this so-called Super fuel, apparently it's the same price as the normal super fuel and it's from the same fuel pump dispenser.

Fishy indeed.

Mansur said...

I don't know if its a rip off or not, but if it is, would Shell be this stupid to put out a flase advertisement? They are international company and do they really need to stoop this low to create false and misleading advertisement....just a thought.


muscati said...

M-Pac, you can't charge extra for petrol in Oman. The price is set by the government. Petrol companies have to compete somehow but not on the basis of price.

NiGhTFaCe said...

I always re-fuel my car through Shell. I just wonder what is special about their super now?!!

Balqis said...

Why don't you have the green fuel here, i mean without Pb?

muscati said...

All petrol in Oman is unleaded.

Namika said...

I think they are just trying to have more customers. I read about this as well and was thinking what difference could it be between thier fuel and other station's fuel!!!

Arabian Princess said...

well my husband told me about this .. well I dont care as long as I dont pay more for petrol, its not like I am going to shell just because of this new fuel!!

Kazablanka said...

I think it has to do with the quality of the fuel. I believe there are some kind of fuel that result in better mileage.

maybe this new super dooper thingy is more concentrated than the rest of the fuel, hence, results in better mileage.

or maybe im just talking from my ass...

illogicist said...

My friend has a VW Polo, he says that he tried it the other day...just put in 1 rial. He said he thinks he went a bit further than he usually does before having to fill up...i.e. hes getting more miles to the gallon. So maybe; who knows.

But if all oil comes from the same refinery, I wonder how they do it?

young blood said...

All gasoline at the moment comes from Oman Refinery with 2 octane ratings 90 (regular) and 95 (super) . The gasoline sent to the three local distributors Maha, OmanOil and Shell are identical. However, it is possible that Shell can mix an additive in their tanks upon receiving it from Oman refinery, now that i cant comment on! From my experience more milage means you need more efficient combustion from your fuel which is possible via a higher octane number gasoline and the refinery currently does not produce anything above 95. said...

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