Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ear popper

The hand-held, battery-operated EarPopper(TM) delivers a constant, controlled stream of air pressure and flow into the nasal cavity, diverting air up the Eustachian tube when the patient swallows. This action clears and ventilates the middle ear and restores hearing immediately...
Far as I'm concerned this is a miracle invention. I've had ear problems almost all my life, but in the past three years my main ear problem is that my ear keeps getting blocked because of pressure not equalizing. When that happens I often can't just pop my ears and sometimes my ear remains blocked for days before it pops open again on its own. This has lead to some hearing loss in my right ear. Can't wait till I can get one of these EarPopper thinggies.

Unfortunately for the time being it's available by perscription only. [link]