Saturday, September 17, 2005

Darkman vs Thursday magazine

Stupid magazine, stupider cover

This is the cover of last week's Times of Oman Thursday magazine, probably one of the worst weekly publications on earth. There's no use beating on a dead horse but I'm posting this because I thought it was hilarious.

As you see above, Thursday's editors think Muscat has become a happening town and have gone out asking people about their thoughts on the party scene. By some miracle they found a bunch of clueless people who agreed with them. Lucky for us readers that they spoke with Fahmi Al Mawali, AKA the Darkman, and that they had the guts to print what he said.

Fahmi begins:

"The party scene is non-existent. It is not thriving. If you wanna go out, I will be careful to use the word party, because it isn't. It's more like socializing and doing the routine, simply because there is a lack of entertainment locations in Oman, the acceptables to go out and bump into the same faces is Trader Vics, The Pub, Safari and Copacabana. Places that have a lot of men and no variation, that's why the girls don't go out and if they do, it's probably for a goodbye do or a dinner."

Pinky Cayabyab, sales manager at Al Sawadi Resort, begs to differ: "The party scene in Muscat is thriving- people are now getting used to modern ways and things in life.."

Fahmi puts in a word edgewise: "I don't get entertained in Oman... I'd rather entertain since nobody there has the imagination or the energy to do so. House parties are the best place to go to, you know everybody and the company is gentle and soft rather than strangers who have no manners. Socializing in Oman only gives you a low and a hangover. Why because you drink so much to make up for the lack of a member of the opposite sex or any mental stimulation."

But he's quick to add: "But don't get me wrong, we all love Oman, but we hate the lack of input, help, imagination, or crowd to go out and do anything.. thank God for Darkman (events management company)."


Blue Chi said...

I find it amusing that they can talk about alcohol in such a publication.. I have to admit that I have never seen this paper before in my life, but anyway, I still find it 'amusing'.

Anyway, I don't know much about the 'party scene' in Oman, I am not surprised that it is not 'happening'.

Blue Chi said...

BTW, the Darkman's website is not working!

illogicist said...

First of all, that picture is easily the saddest magazine cover I've ever seen in my life. Thursday magazine is only good for browsing thru while waiting to get a 500 baiza haircut, and even then its not that good.

My opinion about the 'Darkman' isnt much higher, really.

Chanad said...

that picture is hilarious!

Wardat_il'7leej said...

We need to keep in mind that the foreign community in Oman have their own established entertainment areas and clubs, thus do not rely on the same locations as the growing Omani younger party going crowd. Plus their perception on "parties" may be different from those of the local crowd.

Btw Darkman's parties include the same people/crowd with different themes. I don't see that much variation or anything entertaining about them.

Petite For Life said...

what is his website?

illogicist said...

You know for some reason, I feel that the Omani 'party' scene, i.e. clubbers and the like, is smaller than it was this time last year. Maybe I'm wrong, but thats how it seems to me..

Blue Chi said...

P4L, it is .

3omani said...

I know the girl. We went to university in the same city

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