Sunday, September 11, 2005

Damn price hike

price hike!

Apparently the price of chicken has gone up by 30% in the past few months. The sign in the picture above is dated June 1st, so it might not be the only hike in the price of shawerma. Isn't it amazing that the price of a shawerma has always been 200 baisas. It couldn't last forever. And it hasn't.


Kazablanka said...

I think we should go on strike!

Blue Chi said...

Is this going to take place everywhere?!

Nash said...

Each Shawarma joint is priced differently, 250 bz shawarmas have been around for sometime...

M-Pac said...

Yah, the shawarma joints charge 250 bz from like way back.

I'm surprised there are still some places that charge 200 bz !!

muscati said...

I haven't eaten a meat shawerma in over ten years myself but I think when it comes to chicken it's always been either 200 or 250 depending on where you buy.

Sowhat said...

well in this part of the city and in some resturant it was always 250 .. dont know about 200 bizza shawerma ..

Off topic ..
by the way muscati your coffe ( gold decaf ) is available in sultan center ( whole sale ) seeb .. if you are still intested

NiGhTFaCe said...

I had a conversation today with someone & been telling me that the prices of chicken are going up.

About the shawarma, I believe you will find it 250 bz everywhere, except for some places, where it might be 200 bz or 300 bz.

Namika said...

it has been 250 bz for long time now. I guess now even the places wehre it used to be 200 are going to make it 250...

illogicist said...

At the petrol station next to my house its 200bz. But thats the only place I know that sells it for 200 - although I guess because I dont venture too deeply into Ruwi or Mutrah or those areas, where it would probably be cheaper. Mostly I buy shawermas from Al-Khuwair or Madinat Qaboos, and surrounding areas, where its often 300bz.

Kazablanka said...

yah, I saw the your coffee too, and i thought about you! but i didnt see it in the sultan center in seeb, i saw it in the one next to al-harthy complex.

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