Thursday, September 01, 2005


I have a question for you guys: has this blog become too boring?

The blog stats show that the number of daily visitors has fallen to half what it was before. I can totally understand why. My posting has become quite irregular in frequency, and when I do write quite often it's for the express purpose of keeping the blog alive. Sorry if I'm being a bore. I can say it's the summer blahs but I suppose there's more to it than that.

In order to keep this place interesting I decided to open up the floor to our readers. Reply here or email us with your suggestions, ideas or questions and we will try to incorporate them here if there's anything we can use of them. Tell us what you like about the blog and what parts you don't.. or what you find interesting and what's boring. Let's call it the First Annual Muscatis Reader Survey.

The email address is: themuscatis[at]

PS. OceanDream once again promises that she'll be back to blogging soon.


Blue Chi said...

I was about to complain about OceanDream, but you are saying that she will come back.

I don't think that your blog has become 'boring', it has become relatively 'inactive'. What you write is still interesting and fun, but it is way too little compared to the amount that you used to post in the past.

I can't think of any suggestions, you just need to blog a little bit more... I think.

NaBHaN said...

not boring , but yeah.. less active than it used to be. I personally enjoy your movie reviews .. you seem to have stopped writing them , so that would be a good addition to the blog. start by a 'crash' review , I've been looking forward to watching that movie ever since it was released.

Ali said...

This is the first time i post a comment, I would like to say that I really enjoy reading your blog.

I think you need more rants, thats the only way to kill the boredom.

Sowhat said...

no it is not boring .. it is "less-active"

i was checking this blog daily .. now twice a week since there is not much inside it .. but it is not you alone .. the whole blogsphere is slow .. maybe it is summer we get lazy in summer thats a fact .. plus it became one person jop...

Balqis said...

Hmmm too much under control, you know what i mean

muscati said...

Aha, Balqis got it!

And that's the one thing I can't do anything about it. Got too much to lose, man.

Blue Chi said...

I always thought that Balqis was a woman.

muscati said...

She is.

Balqis said...

am banned what a shame :/

muscati said...

Banned from what?

I'm totally lost this time, Balqis.

Kazablanka said...

I really miss OD!!

Here is one of the reasons your blog statistic has fallen:

ok honestly speacking, i used to visit your blog like 10 times a day or something (soemtimes more, depends on how free i was) and well since i was in libya and like i barely had access to the internet, i started visiting your blog once every 10 days or so.. there you go! that expalins it all la? :)

send my salams to OD!!

Balqis said...

From OF, i think 1 day, i said i find pathetic the rule all forums have about the ruler private life.
Am depressed.
But my love Calk was nice i must say.
I will survive.

Petite For Life said...

I know that The Muscatis are busy with their new born baby, it's a totally new life cycle, not time for all of things to do, I think blogging was a primary thing, not it became a secandary thing, whixh is natural, untill you manage to balance, it will take time.

Mansur said...

I dont think its become boring....I tihnk your frequency of posting became less which is understandable because of the someone else mentioned here, I too miss your movie and books reviews.....on my part, i did not not visit your blog for the last one week, so I am one of the statistic....but I check on it daily otherwise....


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