Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Art for Atta


Dar Al Atta's "Art for Atta" (Art for Giving) exhibition was inaugurated last night at the Bait Al Zubair museum in Muscat. 57 artists have contributed a total of 172 pieces for the exhibit. The artists are donating 50% of the sales to Dar Al Atta.

We attended the opening reception last night and recommend it highly to everyone. By the end of yesterday's a large percentage of the works were already sold or reserved, but there were still many beautiful items still available. All the pieces will remain on display till the end of the exhibition which will last till September 22nd. Timings are: Saturday to Thursday 9.30am till 1pm and 4 to 7pm. An enterance fee is charged, but it allows you entry to both the museum and the exhibition.

We fancied ourselves art collectors and laid down a not-so-small chunk of change on a large piece of digital art by Hilal Al Harthy and 2 beautiful framed photographs of Omani doors by H.E. Mohammed Al Zubair. The Muscatis, henceforth, art connoisseurs.


Blue Chi said...

Thanks for sharing, I didn't know about this!

Mansur said...

It's great to appreciate art, and to appreciate the artist who created the piece of art. Well done..I am sure you have made a fine choice in picking the piece that you guys did. I hope we can get to see the art piece here too...can you like take a pic and put it up here?


NaBHaN said...

sounds interesting , I might check it out.

illogicist said...

Interesting Muscati, I'll definitely try to check it out.

*adds that to his list of things to do over the weekend*

illogicist said...

In fact, I have a friend or two who would be very interested indeed. None of us would actually buy anything I reckon (being broke uni students and all), but you know how it is.

OceanDream said...

The exhibition is definately worth a visit you guys. I wasn't disappointed in the least.

There were a few pieces by Maha Al Lamki which I would have loved to buy, but, at RO 500, they were a teeny weent bit over our non existant budget, hehe.

There is a huge painting by Radhika Khimji which is also quite nice.

And that APEx photographer had two amazing pictures on display.

In the end, its all for a good cause!

illogicist said...

i wanted to ask, can you just go in or do you have to book and reserve?

muscati said...

No reservations. It's an open exhibition. Anyone can go within the opening hours of the museum.

illogicist said...

Ok, I went this morning. It was pretty cool. I hadnt visited the Museum itself before (shameful), so it was a good chance to visit that too. Really interesting, learnt quite a bit. Some of that art was simply awesome too. All in all a very good morning.

Anonymous said...

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