Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wanna bet?

Fuel prices are going to go up by 30% in the UAE starting tomorrow. How much you wanna bet that Oman will follow soon and will use the justification that the increase here is to "bring us in line with prices in neighboring countries"?

Gulf News link


Kay said...

"Neighboring countries" have higher salaries and they all just got raises too (UAE, Bahrain, and most recently KSA) about time ppl got raises here. doesn't the govt. makes it budge at the oil price of $20?? the prices have gone as high as $60 I'm sure there is some spare change somewhere

Sleepless In Muscat said...

yeah. but 'pocket change' isn't used its actually put towards the country's budget deficit..

anyone knows that..

Devilish said...

Check out this article for what happened in UAE ! :

أصحاب السيارات يقاطعون محطات الوقود في الإمارات

خلت محطات التزود بالوقود في مختلف أنحاء الإمارات طوال نهار اليوم من السيارات في مشهد غير مألوف بالنسبة للمقيمين في الدولة وهو ما اعتبره مراقبون اعتراض سلبي على غلاء أسعار الوقود بنسبة درهم ونصف الدرهم ، حيث كان أصحاب السيارات قد تكالبوا طوال يوم أمس على نفس المحطات في الإمارات السبع لملء خزانات سياراتهم بالوقود الرخيص قبل ساعات من تطبيق قرار رفع أسعاره.

For the rest of the article check :

Mansur said...

yeah, ok, so like they increase the rents like crazy. Then generally things in the market become more expensive (I have stopped shopping for clothes from dubai now!) Now they increase the fuel, and a friend in Enoc told me that the price will increase again later in the wonder the middle class are feeling the crunch, and now families are being sent back home, or several families move into one villa or apartment. If you remember Dubai came out with this policy that cars older than 5 years old should not be seen on the roads...I guess they are somewhat applying the same principle with the economic status of the people as well in the sense that you should be earning a certain amount of money to enjoy Dubai's lifestyle....shame really.