Tuesday, August 02, 2005



I finished reading The Kite Runner yesterday and none of the unread books on my shelf appealed to me. I just can't get warmed up to any of them even though I've bought them all myself. I went to my Amazon wishlist to decide on which book to read next and decided it's gonna be The Shadow of the Wind. So off I went to Family Bookshop on the slim chance that they might have it. Turns out that they used to have it but it sold out and they haven't ordered more copies for the time being. I couldn't be bothered to go book hunting in this heat so I called the Intercont branch of Turtles Books. They don't have it but the guy there was quite helpful and said he'll their branches to see if they have it. He called back later to apologize that they don't have it. This morning I decided I'll give Family Bookshop another try for another book. Turns out their closed because of King Fahad's passing. Man, it sucks to be a book lover in Oman.


3omani said...

E-books is the solution to your problem. That's what the internet is for!

I could never get used to e-books though. I read half of Harry Potter 1 on my PDA. Not much fun.

muscati said...

I could never read an e-book. There's nothing satisfying about reading a book on the screen.

There's more to reading a book than just the contents. The experience starts with picking the book off the shelf. The cover, the paper, the pages.. Nah, e-books will never take the place of plain ol' paper.

Kay said...

Why dont u reread a fav book? something u read years and years ago, and trully changed the whole reading experince for u. i do that sometimes, its interesting to reread a book from a different light or time even.

Devilish said...

I also got, “Built to Last,” though it didn’t click with me yet to read it.

Mansur said...

ok, i see you have some interesting books out there....what did you think of the Kite Runner? Good luck in finishing your books..i also fall in the habit of buying new books without finishing older ones!


Abu Sinan said...

I heard Kit Runner was good as well. The Afghani/Iranian books seem to be selling really good in the US, although I havent read any.

I am reading more Naguib Mahfouz translations. I love the man, although I know some of the more religious dont like him. I never got that, how is telling things like it is wrong? Telling a story is not advocating the behavior, just telling what happens.

I am with you about the e-books. I bought two disks on Ebay that hold like 10,000 books. I have yet to read one, and I got them three years ago.

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