Saturday, August 27, 2005

Shave that mooch!

This is hilarious.


Alukkas Group Forces Male Staff to Shave Off Mustache

Remove your Mustache or No Salary next month..Warns Circular

Appointing sexy men and women as sales staff is a business strategy for any merchants... All the 400 male employees of Alukkas Jewellery in the Gulf region have received a warning note. One unique circular issued by Joy Alukkas, Managing Director, urges all staff to remove their mustache as soon as possible or their next salary will not be released! According to many employees of Alukkas Jewellery including senior managers, branch managers and even some family members of the Alukkas group are murmering in disgust and say, this is nothing but an arrogant and absurb policy to force all the male staff to follow the MD's dictates. Joy Alukkas, the smart celebrity businessman who has gorwn to become a multimillionre no longer grows mustache and wants all his staff to follow suit. "The entire staff of Joy Alukkas group in Kerala have accepted this decision. However, they started complaining about their counterparts in the Gulf who had the previlege of having mustache. Now they are also asked to remove mustache," said a manager. Mustache, the hair grown on the upper lip is a symbol of manliness and 90 per cent of the Keralite males are having a mustache. Mustache is an easy way to distinguish a Malayalee. The company has asked all of them to get rid of their mustache as early as possible. Fearing job loss about 100 employees have already abandoned their mustache and the rest are dilly-dallying with the issue. The Group has a staff strength of 2500 who are employed directly the Groups activities. The mustache mania will affect the group staff in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and other Gulf countries. When contacted, Joy Alukkas, Group MD did comment on the issue.


Najah said...

ولله في خلقه شؤووووون!!! هاها

illogicist said...

I dont know whats appalling, the idea of them making them shave their moustaches or the quality of writing of the article.

Desert Island Boy said...

And that Z is the crux of the problem.

"Mustache is an easy way to distinguish a Malayalee."

Wow, distinguish from who, the other people of the world who don't wear moustaches?

"Mustache, the hair grown on the upper lip is a symbol of manliness"

Just in case we foreigners who don't know what a moustache is. Or can only tell a male from I don't know, looking at their IDs?

"in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and other Gulf countries."

Now I haven't had to take geography in a while, but I am trying to figure out what Gulf countries are left. Honestly, seeing as this guy was too lazy to complete basic logic, I am willing to bet he got too lazy to finish the list.

I really can't say anything muah about a company's internal policies, but I am curious about whether the policy extends to female employees.

illogicist said...

lol yes, everything you said, and the very basic grammatical and spelling mistakes!

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