Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Reading habits

Coming back to reading, do you have any particular reading habits?

Myself, I usually shuffle more than one book at a time. I have the main book that I'm reading then there might be another book in my brief case another in the office and maybe one or two others on my nightstand. I don't use bookmarks except the ones that they give free in bookshops. Otherwise I use old movie ticket stubs, airplane boarding passes, or if I've been traveling recently I sometimes use foreign currency notes.

I hate it when the spine breaks on a paperback book so I never open the books wide when I read them. I don't mind buying hard cover books though my wife usually hates them because she reads mostly lying on her back holding the book above her. If it's a hard cover book I can't read with the book jacket on.

I don't write any notes on the pages. I don't underline favorite passages. In fact I very rarely ever remember any particular lines from a book. It has to be a damn good book to be that memorable that I would remember a line from it. In fact if a novel gets too descriptive I find myself scanning the pages looking for the next action or line of dialogue.

When I'm done reading a book I just sign my name on the first page and write the date underneath. If I'm away from home I add where I was when I read it.

It used to be that I'd finish every book I open. But now I find that I don't have much patience for a book if I'm not enjoying it. My bookshelf is full of books with bookmarks in them. Right now I'm reading Quicksilver, a 900 page book which is the first part of a trilogy where each book is also 900 pages long. I read 400 pages last summer and put the book down. Yesterday I picked it up again and continued right where I left. I like to believe ths would be the case with all the other books which I haven't finished.

Do others have such habits or am I just weird?


SuperSig said...

I’ve always thought it was pretentious to go out and purchase a bookmark. Maybe I’m the strange one? Even while standing in line at the book store as I pass the strategically placed bookmarks for impulsive buys I always ask myself--who actually buys these? As do you, I seem to find that ticket stubs, receipts, or a torn piece of paper does the trick.

Samyah said...

"if a novel gets too descriptive I find myself scanning the pages looking for the next action or line of dialogue."

I do that too, and I also have been using movie tickets as bookmarks lately.

I used to be so good at reading, I wouldn't put the book down until I was done no matter how long it took. Now I seem to be less interested and find it hard to start the book in the first place. Hopefully its just a phase.

I ALWAYS ruin the book's spine, I have to open it wide otherwise I feel uncomfortable. I need loads of light on the book and I can't read with my glasses on.

I never read more than one book at a time. It breaks my concentration.

I quite liked this post Muscati :)

Mansur said...

I think your habits are very normal. Here are mine:
1. I never open my books wide, because I hate ruining the spine.
2. I never fold the tips of any page to indicate my bookmark-- I always use grocery shopping receipts, clothes' price tags, post-it notes, and when travelling the boarding card.
3. I always print my name, location where book was purchased and date on the white label and then stick it inside on the first page.
4. If it's a self-help book, or non-fiction, I underline cool passages (my Tuesdays with Morrie book is full of underlined passges!)
5. In my home, you will one book on my bed side table, several on my bookshelf, couple in my bathroom, one in tv lounge and one in the kitchen!
6. Call me selfish, but I don't give my books to those people who I know will open my books wide and turn the tips of the pages into bookmarks.


DevilishAngel said...

I can only read where it's compltely silent, otherwise I totally lose concentration (thank you, ADD)...I am also usually not around any living soul, since whoever's around has to be mute and immobile :P

When I come back to pick up where I left off, I usually read the enire previous page (3ashan ad5el fel jaww ;)

I fold my pages, bookmarks always fall out?

Raed said...

hard covers look pretty but from a reading point of view they are as good as going to the grocery store with your Ferrari.
I like to finish every book in my case, but I have to accept the fact that some of them are references. There has to be always plenty of new books, and the best time is whenever I am done with a book, I would just pause in front of my book case. I would be so puzzled like a kid in a candy store with a limited budget not knowing what to pick , dude the feeling is awesome.

muscati said...

Only time I'd buy a book in hard cover is if it's new. Sometimes you can't wait for a book to come out in paperback. When a new book by your favorite writer comes out it's hard to wait 6 months or a year till it comes out in paperback.

Blue Chi said...

Muscati, you are just weird. :P lol

If I am reading a technical books I would be using highlighters and postits all over, I don't like to WRITE anything in the book, but I am a colour freak. Even though these books I read are not related to what I actually study, but I find myself writing notes and summaries after each chapter, I think that I've developed good learning skills, but I only have one year left, so I guess I can use these skills in other places as well.

Anyway, when it comes to fiction, I don't highlight, write, or do anything, I just read the whole thing and I don't like to skip.

I found once some 'supposed-to-be-cool' 'LINE-MARKS' where the bookmarks is something like a little paper clip that has an empty strip that points to which exact line you have reached, anyway, I didn't buy it, nor have ever bought a book mark just like everyone else I guess.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

this is amazing..
i read ALL day long, but it's all work-related stuff..

for my own reading, i read several books at a time. they are strategically placed in different places around the house ;)

and u are right about hard cover books. they really strain my wrists when i am holding them up to read ..before i sleep!

thanks for this post!

Devilish said...

- Usually use automotive magazines subscription post cards as a bookmark.
- Might be mingling between three books to read.
- Never like to write/ mark anything in the book
- Don’t like to sign any book
- Prefer paperback books

Arabian Princess said...

Intresting habits ..

I liked bookmarks .. esp those that look special .. for example I bought few from Turkey which are like a little carpet .. and one from NZ which is made of leather .. I still use recipts, cards and boarding passes when I am out of booksmarks :)
Sometimes I am guilty enough of folding the tip of the page where I am, when I am out of any paper :ashamed:

I dont write on my books, at all .. excpet where I bought them from and the date on the first blank paper ..

I have MANY unread books .. when I am in a book exhibition I try to buy as much as I can to make me survive the year as its hard to find new arabic novels in Oman .. but then, sometimes I just rush into buying unintresting things!! so I keep them, in case I had nothing to read I might pick them up .. I also have many that are waiting to be read and I still havent got the time for them!

I dont care if the book is a paper pack or a hardcover .. when I want a book I just buy it in whatever situation it is ..

I love lending books, because it means I will discuss the book later to the person who I let it to "yah, provided they read it!"

a very intresting entry I must say :)

Wardat_il'7leej said...

-Don't purchase book marks usually use air ticket stubs or the paper bookmark given at book stores, or I commit the ultimate sin of folding the tip of the page.
-I have more than one book scattered around, each have not been read in ages.
-Most of the time I read the ending before completing a book
-Don't like allowing people to borrow my books since I know I would never see them again or never get them back in the best of conditions
-No writing notes or highlighting anything
-Do have a funny habit to place all sequels of a book around the house and pick each at random(sometimes)
-Bought a few book which I have regretted, they are collecting dust
-Usually love buying Non-fiction titles which reflect author's impression about a certain country or society. i.e. "Mirage", "Daughter of Persia"

Abu Sinan said...

I am bad with books, even though at last count I have over 1,000 of them. I have bought many that I do not have time to read, but that I know I will want to read in the future. This bugs the wife to no end.

I dog ear books, even very expensive books. I will read the same book several times if I like it enough. I also will read 3-4 books at a time and keep each one at a different location, ie work, home office, living room ect.

I also go through spurts. Sometimes months will be nothing but non fiction, other times nothing but fiction.

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