Saturday, August 06, 2005

iPod your baby

I just gotta get one of these for my kid. [link]


nomadica said...

these are SO CUTE!!!

3omani said...

Imagine our fathers dressing us up in VCRs, or televisions in your (earlier) case. I would have hated it!

Blue Chi said...

I saw this a couple of days back, I think that it's crazy, but cute nonetheless! Your kid will hate you when he realises he was dressed as your favourite gadget!

Blue Chi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mansur said...

this is very very cute...but i wouldn't put it on a baby....for all the people could be using the ipod controls to tickle the baby endlessly!


Lym said...

Get the white one :)

Masquerader said...

This is way toooooo adorable. I'm going to get one for my friend's baby.

illogicist said...

Man...that is just...wrong.

Petite For Life said...

It's cool, upto date with Technology ;)

Kamakazy said...

but the time your kid is old enought to realise what an iPod is, it would be so out of date... your kid would be ashamed of the outfit and the pictuers too... said...

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