Saturday, August 20, 2005


I'm taking the easy way out. I don't really have anything to say and it's been a while since I last posted anything on the blog so I'm just gonna post a bunch of pictures from my phone.

iBook price quote

I'm still thinking about buying an Apple laptop. Still not decided but I thought I'd get a price quote just to see how much they cost locally. I called Mac Center and they faxed a quote on the same day. I asked for the price on a 12" iBook with 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD, no superdrive. This laptop costs $1250 on Apple's website. Mac Center quoted RO. 630 which is close to $1640! No wonder so few people use Apple computers here in Oman. For the price of an entry level Mac you can buy a close to topline Windows laptop.

How to hijack your competitors

Now that's how you take advantage of your competition. You rip them off by starting a free paper that looks pretty much like their's, except in Arabic, and have it distributed the night before them. And if that's not enough, put your paper inside their stand too.

Omantel building high billboard

Oman Mobile and Nawras are in a full-on advertising war trying to blanket Muscat with billboards. Nawras put big billboards with just their logo on them. But lately Oman Mobile has been going for huge product billboards. This one which is on the Apex building in CBD is six stories tall. I park my car close to this building so I see it every day. I wonder how much the building's owner gets for it. They have it on both sides of the building.

Decaf coffee

Pleasant surprise. Today a customer at work (not my customer but someone I see quite often) came to my room and gave me a bag which contained this jar of coffee. He said he was in the UK when he read my blog post about Nescafe Gold Decaf and decided to buy me some decaf coffee. He was worried I'd be upset to know that he's figured out who I was. At this point I seriously doubt there's any anonymity in my nickname at all. That's why it try to stay away from controversial subjects. Anyhow, thanks dude.. was very nice of you.


Blue Chi said...

I love it when I'm the first to reply, (it makes me sound so sad, lol),

The coffee thing is so scary, I think that we all should be more careful about what we right, but it was very nice of him to actually get you one, I would love it if someone bought me a PSP, a new laptop, and all the things that I asked for in my weblog, now that would be a great surprise! LOL

Mansur said...

hey, apple computers are indeed more expensive here in the middle east than they are in the US..for obvious reasons. I even had my iPod mini come in from the US. I recently went to buy apple iPod's earphones, and they were ridiculously overpriced...


Balqis said...

Still the coffee, Muscati!!!

NaBHaN said...

Apex should kick their ass for using their space! that's really so sad.

NiGhTFaCe said...

Mac is really that powerful. But, are you really sure that you want one?!! You might have problem with getting softwares later!

Talking about Oman Mobile's advertisnment in general, they do have this quality problem!

Congrats for the coffee jar :D

illogicist said...

lol, that coffee thing is great. I dont think any of us have much anonymity on the net really, at least here in Oman where everyone is related to everyone else (whether they know it or not).

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