Sunday, August 14, 2005

Inappropriate name for a restaurant?

divine restaurant

The restaurant in the picture above is called Divine Restaurant. It looks like a little dump. It's located in Ruwi and I don't know anyone who's been there. They're known for catering to offices and banks. Also known for being one of the few cheap Indian restaurants that are actually licensed to serve alcoholic beverages. So far no problem. But the Arabic name of the restaurant, which isn't very clear in the signboard in the picture is Al Kauther (الكوثر) which is from the quran. According to the most common quranic interpretation it is the name of a river in paradise (note: shi'a differ with this intepretation but theirs gives it an even bigger significance).

Isn't this an inappropriate name for a restaurant that sells liquor?


Blue Chi said...

We cannot assume that they did not know that the name is 'divine' because they translated it AS DIVINE. It would be funny to complain saying that they should've used another name for their restaurant, when a more strict Muslim would be bitching about the fact that they are selling alcohol and not using an inappropriate name for their place. They are dnot oing something illegal, I guess.

(I sound pathetic.)

Petite For Life said...

Who ever chose then name didn't think of/look at it the religious point of view if the person was a Muslim he had committed a sin, but he's not the only one who is doing it, who cares any way (thst what most of thep people will say.)

Well I agree he has no respect of any religion.

NiGhTFaCe said...

Looking at what they serve, I dont think this naming thing is a big matter to them!

hibbalicious said...

i think its more important that a muslim country like oman allows alchohol on sale !!!

Samyah said...

It doesn't bother me, but I wouldn't recommend it either.

I too think its more important that they're allowed to sell alcohol.

Mansur said...

if its an indian restaurant, then the owners would be indians, and since there indians who are either hindus or christians, for them alcohol could be something then it would make sense. :-)


muscati said...

I have no problem with the restaurant selling alcohol. I have no problem with the name Divine either. But the Arabic name Al Kauther bugs me, though not that much. However I can totally understand why people might find it extremely offensive. First of all it's a name of something that Allah promised to the Prophet. Second of all, here in Oman the commercial registration department in the ministry of commerce are so damn picky about names when it comes to registering companies. They reject names for the silliest of reasons and yet they thought it was ok for this.

Kamakazy said...

the Ministory makes a big fuss about names to reduce problems arising... i see it as a way to block creativity...

like a sign that was next to the Shatti Plaza which looks like G-Spot when actually 'ame' is written in small fonts... how did that pass???

i heard the coffee shop Voodoo had problems registering their name... in the end they got it, one way or the other...

and what i dont understand is that if a name of a shop is in english, an arabic translation is put in... isnt their an option to attempt to spell the word in arabic with arabic letters???

as for the DIVINE sign, i vote for the arabic translation to be changed...

hibbalicious said...

Its ironic how people dont seem to mind alcohol being sold in an islamic country but only get upset when a word from quran is given to the restaurant, well it also says in quran that khamr isnt allowed, but thats not the important thing i suppose, just dont disresepct quran by using words for it .....

Sowhat said...

kawthar for a shop selling liqor !! i dont know why a country like Oman do sell khamer ..

3omani said...

Wow, it would be hard not to think that this is deliberate.

Shouldn't people be complaining? Where exactly in Ruwi is it?

Leila M. said...

you'd be surprised at different names. In my hometown of Denver, there is a BAR called "Mecca Tavern" Just goes to show you how some people don't really think about what they're doing when they choose a name. On a side note, though, while I dislike the name and all, I'd not freak out and start rioting either.

illogicist said...

right up to your last line, I was like 'ok so what' until you linked the 'river in paradise' with 'alcohol'. Then I said 'hmm'.

Ultimately its whoever's choice if they want to go there or not, I dont have a problem. If this person wants to sell alcoohol thats fine, although I'd prefer alcohol wasn't served in restaurants at all here, and if they want to call it Divine thats fine, it doesnt really affect me. I'm gonna give em the benefit of the doubt and say they didnt mean to make that connection though.

Samyah said...

But Leila M Mecca has a broader meaning than just the Saudi city. Its defined as "A place that is regarded as the center of an activity or interest." The owners might not even know about OUR Mecca and what it means to muslims.

Samyah said...

I was thinking about the verses mentioning Heaven in the Quran, we know that alcohol is permitted in Jennah and its said there will be rivers of it. Perhaps this is what they are aiming at; a little heaven on earth :rolleyes:

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