Saturday, August 13, 2005

Have prices gone up or what?

For months the talk here in Oman has centered around whether prices have really gone up or not. Meanwhile the government continued to refuse to admit that there was any increase of anything. And that if there was any price hikes then it must be just traders who are taking advantage of the market by increasing prices without any valid reason. I had mentioned this once two months ago when the Minister of National Economy refused to even discuss the subject during a Q&A session in Majlis Al Shura.

All of a sudden last week the Ministry of Commerce and Industry had an about-face and admitted that there was indeed a price rise in the country. But in typical Omani fashion the undersecretary tried to make us citizens feel better by saying that "
this phenomenon was faced not only by the Omani market, but also by all markets in neighbouring countries." He also noted that "there were some internal and external factors behind this hike such as the rise in oil prices, currencies of some countries and the increase in supply and demand."

In even more typical Omani behavior, not only did the ministry admit to a problem that it had denied for over 3 months, it also went to the extreme of appointing an international consultant to look into this "phenomenon". Which means that some big shot consultancy will make big bucks for sending a couple of just-graduated recently hired smart asses who will go to the market and ask a couple questions and report that "yes, prices have indeed gone up." The report is due in 2 months' time and there's no word on whether the ministry is planning to do anything to tackle the situation in the time being.

I know that the UAE has experienced price hikes too but over there they blame it on inflation caused by the government's increase of all civil servants' salaries. In Kuwait a similar hike is being blamed on the sharp increase in liquidity in the market due to the stock market boom and spillover business from Iraq. Over here, we're as poor as we ever were. Our salaries haven't been adjusted in close to 20 years and the government insists that there's no inflation at all in the economy. In fact some years they tell us we have negative inflation.

Why does our ministry try to blame it on everything in the world without taking any blame themselves? They even blamed it on the Euro even though it is now lower than it was last year. They're doing all this to divert from a few issues: 1) that it was the government's hike of diesel's price that started the price increase, 2) that the "Omanization" of all transport drivers has further contributed to the increase in price of transport of all goods inside Oman because of their higher salaries and uneven attendance at work, 3) that it's the Ministry of Commerce's lack of control and monitoring that allowed traders to increases prices beyond the level of the diesel hike's effect, and 4) that the government's Consumer Price Index calculation is totally out of touch with the reality of the Omani people.

For the past two months I have been holed up at home with my new born. I don't do any grocery shopping except for junk like soft drinks and snack food and for baby related stuff which I had never bought before in my life so I can't say that I know anything about whether prices are rising or not. I do know that when we finally emerged from our shell in the past two weeks we've noticed an increase in some food prices in restaurants. We went to Kargeen last week and they had increased the price of most items on the menu. Then we went to the coffee shop at the Hyatt for dinner last Thursday and the price of a burger has gone from RO. 3.9 to RO. 4.8. If it was only the price of expensive burgers that had gone up then no one would be complaining. It's obviously more than that.


Mansur said...

Just today, I received a call from my satellite subscription company, and they said that to renew I will have to pay the renewed prices. They increased it by 10dhs per month, and I can only get three months minimum. so it's 30dhs extra I have to pay. When asked why the price increase, they said the channels they get have increased their prices. So, in effect, I am not getting any new channels, nor am I getting any special service or anything like it....prices are being increased...I dread the day when my landlord will tell me he is increasing the rent for my place...


nibaq said...

In Kuwait there has been an increase in McDonalds and Starbucks pricing, but the big change has been bread. Like a month/6 weeks ago the national bakery company decreased the size of their lebanese bread by a bit, but still have it in the same price range.

I think one major factor of it is the euro exchange rate. It has been killing our business cause prices have gone up so it takes a major bite out of our profit margin.

illogicist said...

I wouldnt know - I've been in the UK for a while where everything is damn expensive. I came here and bought bottles and bottles of coke. But fast food prices do seem to have increased a few hundred bzs...

Lili said...

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