Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cool or not?

Ur Turn?

Is Bank Dhofar trying to be cool, what's up with the "UR TURN" in their new national advertising campaign?


Blue Chi said...


Petite For Life said...

Trying to be cool for using improper English spelling.

NaBHaN said...

I think it looks groovy.

mortal thoughts said...

No matter what BankDhofar does in its advertising, cool is not what they can be. Their communication is always drab and thats what stops me from banking with them.

By the way, the above line is copied from an Indian Pepsi ad (which was funky and looked better) and I dont understand the logic of placing a question mark above that line - Is it a question or a statement?

Devilish said...

Lousy !

Balqis said...

Is cause of the two U i think, plus it's become common slang everywhere, fast typing
Hope is not a certain co ads or a common friend will be upset with you Musca :p

Kamakazy said...

doesnt it say "Its ur turn" sounds more like a slogon to me...

Arabian Princess said...

I think it look ok for me .. it seems they are targeting the younger generation.

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