Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog Day 2005

Apparently August 31st is Blog Day 2005 and I've been tagged left, right and center to participate in this event. Just yesterday when I was filling in YAT (yet another tag) I told myself that that would be the last time I get sucked into this tagging business because before long there will be no new posts on this blog except tags. Anyhow, this one's worthwhile and there there are less than 35 minutes left in Blog Day so I better get to it.

So what is Blog Day?
In August 31st, bloggers from all over the world will post a recommendation of 5 new Blogs, Preferably, Blogs different from their own culture, point of view and attitude.

Here are my five recommendations:

Zayed Al Saidi
- Zayed's Omani like me but I think his blog fits the theme because his point of view is almost the exact opposite of mine. He blogs in Arabic exclusively and his politics are totally different than mine. Still I find myself visiting his blog regularly. I wish he'd write more of his views though I understand why he doesn't.

Life of Mansur - Mansur is a Pakistani expat who grew up in Saudi Arabia and now lives in Dubai. Through reading his blog I gained a unique perspective and insight on muslim expatriate life in Saudi Arabia. He's a very prolific blogger though he's currently taking a week off of blogging and has been experimenting with the blog's layout which has made it better looking but a not as easy to navigate.

Mental Mayhem - Natasha Tynes is a Jordanian journalist married to an American. I first started reading her blog when she was working for Al Jazeera in Qatar. The Tynes recently left Qatar and have moved to the US.

Kuwait Unplugged
- I read quite a few Kuwaiti blogs but this one's the best of them. It has a nice balance between serious POVs and lighter more entertaining posts. Plus Zaydoun posts in both Arabic and English.

Youth Curry - I'd be lying if I said I visit this blog daily or even weekly, but it's the only Indian blog that I link. I've been interested in the cultural changes happening in India ever since I visited Mumbai in the summer of 99 when I was sent there by a bank I worked for with the intention of moving there for 2 years. The move fell through but my interest never faded. Youth Curry is a blog that belongs to the publisher of a popular Indian youth magazine called YAM (Yet Another Magazine).


Blue Chi said...

Oops, I guess that we missed it! Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Devilish said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Devilish said...

Any idea why its on August 31st !?

muscati said...

Devilish- I assume that the blogger that came up with the idea chose this date because like you see in the logo above, 3108 looks a bit like the word Blog.

Devilish said...

ummmmm interesting ! Anybody knows of car plate # 3108 for sale !?

Mansur said...

hi muscati,

I am so touched you mentioned me here...I am overwhelmed. I guess its the first time someone has actually mentioned me this thanks a million. By the way, I was experimenting with my blog template, and so I think you are mentioning the Dear diary one, which I got rid off because even I did not like it...I am back to the normal templates now....I was not on the blogging scene for a week, and so now I am back tracking and checking out all the blogs and articles and leaving comments.....


Natasha said...

Thanks Muscati for recommending my blog. I'm glad to know that you enjoy reading it. I enjoy reading your journal.

Keep blogging!

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