Tuesday, July 19, 2005

UAE blocks blog

Secret Dubai Diary, one of my favorite UAE blogs has been blocked by Etisalat.

Disappointing as the news is, some hope is found in the fact that Gulf News has an article today about it. [link]

Will we ever see a day here in Oman where the press has the courage to actually cover what's happening in the country?


Blue Chi said...

That it stupid, you cannot ever BLOCK blogger content, people can access your ATOM FEED and read the whole thing from websites such as newsgator.com.

Mansur said...

thanks man...now i will try to access it from there. its really silly...because if you post pictures through blogger it does not show up on the blogs, but if you post it thru Flickr they show up all right...so what's the deal with Etisalat. It's absurd. As for blocking the contents of this blogger, that amazing speech at the Dubai Media City about giving freedom of speech to international organizations seem like a false hope!


Sowhat said...

well oman already blocked the photo's of picassa for few days .. and yes i believe that once they start reading it .. maybe one day they just block it .. even before any body wirte anything they think it is wrong ..

illogicist said...

It doesnt actually say why it was blocked. It speculates.

Whats picassa?

iamnasra said...

How sad ...I think I read about it

DevilishAngel said...

Muscati dearest, our press exist to make sure that there is always GOOD news to be reported... Honestly, I think Oman newspapers are the only ones you can ALWAYS find "good news" in!

suonnoch said...

Secret Diary Dubai can only have been blocked because there were sensitive keywords on there, surely, which triggered an automatic alarm. Although I suppose that someone might have actually sat down to read it, and didn't like the shades of grey it painted. Since Blogger is hosted on servers in the States (presumably), the site has not been removed, simply blocked by the proxy server. The author has not been very specific about what happened. Her main problem might be in trying to update it, since that route will presumably be blocked too. Etisalat management say that they pass on information to the UAE Ministry of Information, so an instruction to block will have come from there.

Dora said...

I am the daughter of the man,whose face is identical to Joann Paul II. In Italy he is known as Tata Giovanni (Father Giovanni) .He lived in Rome and worked in the USA. I lived with adopting family in Yekaterinburg in the place of killing Royal Romanov family. Why? Who from my own family is a queen? My own grandmother? Or what does it means? Address was Moskowskaya street 9-31. In Moskovskaya street 9-20 lives Hussein family with daughter Aleksandra. My real name is Anna-Kristina-Aleksandra. What does it means? Who fined that information?Who really have aggression against Muslims countries and against Iraq and Hussein? I know that my own grandfather Naum was Muslims friend. And when he invest his money in Russia he took gold as financial guarantee. May be in Iraq and near Hussein my enemies searching that gold?
I know that everything my relatives had they left as inheritage to me. I need to find, who has management of it in his hands, and which is the state of property and assets. I don,t know how my identity could be hidden, because I have unique right leg, which was disfigured from birth. This is my unique sign, nobody could be mistaken normally in my identification. Business of my own grandfather was oil and gas, casino and hotels of Las-Vegas. Own father too. During 10 years I was under strong financial pressing. And lived with my younger son for 60 dollars per month. Who became a manager and do that? Since October of 2001 till 2007 all the force of repressing machine was put on us. I have savage fascism in Lithuania in my own flat and in my own life and life of my son. We came out of there on our four. We have total control. Causes - multi billion assets in-heritage from my own relatives.
Since 1993 year I was pressed financially at first, I lives with my son and we have 60-100$ for month. And even it is well known that a person is dead without money, my attackers didn’t stop - since 2001 year I had seven savage attacks on me on a territory of Lithuania - was poisoned with HCl, toxicoids,I was systematically trivially beaten, I had a traffic accident - was hit by a car on the pedestrians on green light for me, poisoned with hallucinogens and with my son pushed out to bogs in winter, where we have spent 3 nights.
Those attacks started 3 weeks after twin-towers in the USA were ruined. They were ruined in 11.09.2001. I was born in 11.06 - month of twins-Gemini. More, the only citizen of Lithuania died in that crush, who was constantly living and working in the USA in twin-towers Jelena-Helen Gavriushina-Melnichenko - her mother was director of the school my children got education. Director of the school Gavriushina was born 6th of June. I have a friend in my childhood. Vladimir Vladimirovich Gaper. He was born 6th of June. Who is that friend? Everybody knows one Vladimir Vladimirovich, but he wasn’t born at the 6th of June. Putin is a friend of Kerkorian? Who is that my friend born 6th of June? I found that one. In the USA in Las Vegas. Kerkor Kerkorian. After reading his biography I saw that his owned MGM hotel, casino blown 21.11.1980. Interesting, that all those digits are digits of mine and my children’s dates of birth. More, even ID’s are the same. That friend was my own father’s and own grandfather’s manager? Why then the property wasn’t returned to me? Interesting that Bill Clinton had a nickname fly. After exact translating to Russian this mean to fly - as a pilot, a flyer. Manager was a pilot, a flyer. Why Bill Clinton, you ask?If bill - is billion, who clean’t billions then? Do you remember what is Bill Clinton wife’s name? Hillary Clinton. What is hillary clinton? Hi-Larry-Cleaner. Hello, Larisa who got in fly and cleaned… understand, yes? When I lived in Freesk ( Wolsk ) I have a friend - my friend Arkadij Chainy from Wolsk had curious second name - Aaron's son. The name of father of pilot-manager was Aaron. And who knows what all does it mean? Why they forgot to return me property, but do not forget to organize me attacks? Monica Lewinski came into cabinet in White House at 28 of february 1997. Adopting family’s son Sergey Lopatinskiy was born 28 of February. Who knows what does it mean? Who during that time took over grandfather's and father's spheres – transport, oil and gas in Russia, Italy, Poland or UK? How connected with that former russian agents in UK, who transferred assets from Russia? What exactly Lopatinskij and his wife took over?
Another savage attack against me began 20.10.2002 – 23.10.2002. In 23.10.2002 - 26.10.2002 there was Nord-Ost in Moscow. My son and I had the same diagnosis as victims of Nord-Ost. Who do it?
In 1980 ch I lived in Freesk (Wolsk).I moved from Freesky to Poland. Artists Oleg Yankovsky( Ivanovskiy) and show group "Combination" moved from Saratov to Moscow at the same time. Mentioned group consisted from three girls Tatyana Eatingoats, Natalia Pigeonnose, and Alena Father. Who know what that combination is?Tatiana's Eatingoats face look like the face of princess Diana. In Ekaterinburg I lived at the same time with Tatiana Diachenko (Elcina).She known in Rissia as Tatiana Evil.
Oleg Lobov is also from Yekaterinburg. Ex-secretary of Defence Council. Lobov and his son were close friends with Sergej Lopatinskij. Lopatinkij's wife – Bondarenko. Natalia Bondarenko by herself - prostitute, dolly. It is interesting that Bondarenko's mother worked as medical staff in jail clinics.And she didn't ashame herself when she stole from imprisoned people butter and bed linen, which during that time was rare thing in Soviet Union. Later in Lithuania Mrs. Dalia Gribauskaite with the Bondarenko's face became minister of finances of Lithuania. And was delegated to Bruksels for headquater of EU.Famous Mr.Idrak Dadashev in"Penki Kontinentai" Media accepted Mrs. Dalia Gribauskaite as a sex symbol of Lithuania.Who knows what does it mean,when at post of minister of finances we see dolly? In the "Godson" film she was called "Bank of sperm". So who was financed in Lithuania from my finances and from my own father's (Tata Giovanni) finances? And who did that?
In 10 .06.2006 in Diana,s Spencer family house resident of Russian special services Aleksandr Lebedev organized a meeting to memorize death of Raisa Gorbacheva. Michail,s Gorbachev wife died 20 09 1999. But 11.06.2006 I celebrated my 50 anniversary. It means all the strange recollecting organized just before my birthday. Why? How it is connected with the fact that 9 months before Raisa Gorbacheva died, 20.12.1998 died Jevgenij Bondarenko-son of Natalia Bondarenko who became also Lopatinska,ja after getting married with my adopting brother. It is she who is used to get my money without me to agree nor accept. Who helped her?
7.09.2006 I loudly got idea why russian oligarh Arkadij Wolskij had such recognizable for me name, he disappeared after two days. He died 9.09.2006. Did he became ashamed, that he didn't complete my own father's ask, Ivan's (John's, Joann's), who's second name after father he had got, or someone didn't want very much, that Arkadij Wolskij would became informed, that he was frauded, and instead of Father's daughter shew him other woman, making swapping?
One month later 7.10.2006 was killed Anna Politkowskaya. Reading information about Anna Politkowskaya I found out astonishing that she lived at Moscow, Lesnaja 8. I don't know if Politkovskaya lived by that address anywhere, but completly exactly know that by address Lesnaja 8 in Swietoszow lived me with my own family in 80-ths. As I wrote my real name is Anna and I am a journalist. By the way, the newspaper where she worked and was the same newspaper ( Novaya gazeta of Gorbachev and Lebedev )which took advertising from Yukos, but didn't give me work. Was it fault of Yukos? Was it their's condition? Anna Politkowskaya was the only person from that newspaper who always first greeted me. She was born in the USA. What did Anna Politkowskaya knew about me?She knew who I am, my real name? Or she knew my own father? Who knew that my real name is Anna and killed Politkowskaya? Wasn't it that person who did so, that I need now even to prove that I am a daughter? Interesting moment - head of security of Jan Paul II during very long time was a person with the name Camillo Cibin. Connecting it with the name of my cousin also Cibin - that surname is rather rare - how do you think where should I look for my own father?
One month later 23.11.2006 in London died Aleksandr Litvinenko( Litva-Lithuania).His face was look like the face of russian moscow journalist living in Lithuania Vladimir Vladimirovich Killer. Not far from death Litvinenko look like Bondarenko's son.His wife Marina Litvinenko have a face of my friend from the clinics when I have unical operations Irina Raisova. Irina Raisa's daughter. Gorbacheva?Many years ago Irina Raisova look like Marina Berlusconi. Aleksandr Litvinenko was a friend of Berezovskiy. Berezovskiy is not only surname of Boris Abramovich but is the name of gold place near Ekaterinburg. So, who need my grandfather's Naum gold so much that want to lie,to kill and to have agression against Muslims countries?Andrey Lugovoi have a surname as Lugovaia village when many years ago Sergey Lopatinskiy's own mother was born. What does it means?
One month later 14.12.2006 unknown person pay for Orlen(now Orlen is the owner of Mazeiku Nafta ) oil company 1,5 billions euro. Who and whom was blackmailed? 22.12.2006 I and my son was unblocked in Lithuania where we was blocked,arrested and had real fascism and we run out from Lithuania as quickly as we can.
Bush, Primakov visiting Lithuania organized “accidental” meetings with me and my son. First used his security officers, second by himself. 11.03.2008 Poland visited Hosni Said Mubarak. 14.03.2008 we were proposed to leave Poland. We were getting by auto-stop in Italy. As well as we arrived to Italy, to Italy came Putin, who visited Poland and came to Berlusconi.Some years ago Berlusconi became Prime Minister 11.06.2001.In my birthday. What does it means? They have my money and business? They robbed me? They were so poor that needed my finances and my incomes? We live with son at street wearing some floor clothes. Was my father such a bad person? Is he blackmailed in such a way? Where is he now? Multiple applying to Silvio Berlusconi does nothing. What could be this person whom in my childhood I know as Silvia in Italy - my “mother” with wig and with man,s cigarettes, and which I must find if I need a defense and help? Why should anyone organize me credit, when my own father left me billions financing: who stole from me that financing? Who answer for that? Who should liked my money so much that I wasn't even shown graves of my own grandfather Naum and own mother Dora in Italy. Nobody told me where is my own house which I knew as "Swallow's nest" in Rome. Mr. Napolitano ignored my ask.
I know that part of finances former soviet agents transferred to someone in England. Queen Elizabeth and her husband visited to Lithuania (16.10.2006-18.10.2006)Jan Paul II became Pope in Rome 16.10.78. What Elizabeth and her husband need from me? After theres visit 21.10.2006 Hubertas Grusnys was killed, he was owner of radio stations and Lithuanian millionaire, whose radio Lietus a week before told about poisoning with toxicoids me and my son in our flat. In Lithuania for my financing and living my own father gave 10% shares of AO LUKOIL company to the oil company AB MAZEIKU NAFTA. For my financing in Lithuania responsible A.Brazauskas, B.Lubys (as everybody know Mr. Lubys is a friend of Mr. Nazarbajev), G.Chapanidze, V.Shkil. Mr. G.Chapanidze is in jail since 1996-1997. I was not financed at all. And didn,t ask nobody to sale or to present my finances or shares to anybody. I know that there are most of assets, which didn’t get in hands of those who robbed me.
May be Mr. Alekperov knows what does it mean? In 19.8.1995 in Omsk died someone Ivan (Jan,Giovanni, Ioann) Lickevich. Do you know what does Lickevich means in polish? This is translated as calculate. What and whom calculated Lickevich?Ivan Lickevich was the director of the Omsk oil rafinery. In 3.7.2000 died with his son Gediminas Kesus.They are killed both. Gediminas Kesus was the director of the Mazeiku oil rafinery.When he was killed in Lithuanian newspapers was published information – some documents Gediminas Kesus put into some England bank. What the documents it was? Who started to kill the directors of oil rafineries and started putting the money into his own pockets? My money.In such way Lukoil go for another hands.Rats hands.
I have personal individual characteristic by which I can be easily identified - my right leg was disfigured while my mother was pregnant, and I was born with unique diagnosis. After many specific medical operations, my leg became passport, which couldn,t be forged. I demand to change my managers and carers, want to change place of living and I look for a country which could accept me and defend me.

Dora said...

I am on prosthetic appliances since childhood: this is my own mark since
birth. The last time there were strange things in my life. have been poisoned, many
times bitten in different periods of time, there were traffic accident either.
I have been presecuted by unknown people as if I would be a big enemy of a
big person. But I couldnt even be an enemy: most of my time is with books according
to my phisical disability. This all was in Lithuania, Vilnius. Who could
know, who why and what reason makes such a cruel assault to me, threateaning my
life and health? I have been poisoned by hydrochloric acid, toxines,disfigured
my only healthy leg, I was beaten unmercifully not once,poisoned with halucinogenes
and pushed with my son out to bogs in winter,where we have spent 3 nights.
I know exactly about myself that since I have learned to read, I never put
my nose to anythingm except books, which are published millions copies. Obviously,
I am convinient object for slander and liers. For slander, non-limit, prejudice
- answer. I have a right to know who why and what for organiized all these
cruel things. Own up! Answer. Pay for. How do You think, what could be the reason
of such a cruelness: a) I am the only in Lithuania who is not an agent of special
(intelligence) service, as well as casual (stupid) b) I am a heiress of a
billionth capital, but somebody forgot to inform me about it c) some other
reasons I would like to find those, who think that honor and justice are
in prior. Who is not afraid to defend against scums.

The most important thing to me is to be safe against non-armed agression
in Lithuania, and justice in all forms to be.
I am looking for those, who - 1. would find the causes of the savage attacks in Lithuania against me and would protect either. 2. would recollect debts calculated for savage attacks and damages made to me. This would be made from all the dealers and managers of the attacks. 3. would find out and calculate an amount of my heritage. 4. would return all the stolen assets to me, plus, soap foam (dividend). 5. A person who would do mentioned, would become the manager of
my assets. 6. From every next my earned million would gain half for my defence
and my security. Me personally and my interests, as an addition to said.

Please, do
not drive just to look at us.But if you wish to stare very much at us then
let us do it for pay. My cost for one staring at me - is EUR1000 from each
person.Better say what is the problem, where is my own father, his friends
and my money.Does not it time to return them to me?

Where is my money. One of the most important - which sums and whom for they
were set by my father with the task of my finansing. For my finansing obligation was on the Lubys,Skil,Brazauskas,Chapanidze. How did they care about me? Threw away from work? Paid me 100S per
month? Is it the way they should care about myself? Now the main question how
much of the main assets were transferred, and where? If I do not mistake,
the mans who I am talking about really had care financially about me. They gave
me credit with the rate if 24% per year with the real estate guarantee. Now
they are is blocking process of returning the credit. Good commercial deal,
doesnt it-give me credit using my personal assets with the huge rates and
my real estate guarantees. Tell me, how should such mans be named? Who should
know about this financial fraud - please, consult me.
When I had been poisoned with hallucinogenes I didnt know where to go, in
my diary I drew dresses. I explained myself that when I earn money I put
them on myself. How I was surprised when I saw polish Playboy in train, with
my dresses. But not in draw, but in result by Chloe and Mexx. Please, who
knows that person, who dared to steal my drawings and sell to the famous
agencies of business fashion. Who is responcible for that, how do you think?

Variuos methods of poisoning us with hallucinogenes are used as in lithuania,in
poland.They are coming and putting hallucinogenes on carpets.But you can
still be sytrongly poisoned even if you are drinking simple cola which you
are taking by yourself in a refridge in various shop.This allows to think
about hypnose,most likely night one.

Everything was starting rather simply. Huge country broken, people lost job, me either.There were hysteria ALIENS GO HOME. With precision of clock engine I was thrown out from any job I worked.Exactly by the scheme you are alien,and that was logical.It was rather normally that wihtout relatives, connections, without being of an elite nationality, can't do anything.
First real attack on me: savage disfunction of my only health leg - accident on the road.When those "accidents" became usual during short period of time,some man (don't remember who) said me "this is an order", "you have big enemies".I rolled eyes widely and couldn't understand where enemies from - I am a person who do not like and can't do anything except reading books.But someone didn't learned alphabet, and strongly hated to read. I was savagely poisoned by hydrochloric acid,chased on mogs,started to be poisoned by hallucinogenes.I run over security firms, with the help asks,when I was told there not to find out anything but to move out. Where should a person get money for moving out,when a person got about 60$ and regularry was thrown out from job? I tried to go to banks,but black information was quickly created,with magician's trick ways for bank credit were closed for me.I became to look for a private creditor. Nobody gave without 24% year rate.I agreed for that.Than by the different reasons private persons became to change their's mind and reject either.At last a man appeared who agreed to gave credit.I said him honestly - no money,butbu
First Datebut still want to try myself as a designer.I proposed business project.I was giving my flat and my work,he was giving his money.First of all I moved out from to cure myself after multiple poisoning and attacks.I stood myself up and returned to make project come true.But no way.It became obvious that there is no possibility to rent a room for me in Vilnius (nor it was,or rejected me,or threw out during short period of time).There were no where to live,no where to put our things.90% of things from my 3-room flat I gave to people as a present.Nobody let us with son live in except in hotels.Reconstruction of the flat was near military actions.Construction workers asked money from me,took prepaid sum,didn't finish work or just went away.It was multiple sindrome of a long lasting nightmare.When one plumber threw in my flat expencive expensive units, with voice of ventriloquist moving hands stated that I have black aura,even stupid like me understood that someone is masterly mocking. Constantly, workers were leaving flat, I looked for others. At last reconstruction finished, neighboors stopped argueing,and I got little miracle.I didn't beleive my eyes-my idea came true. My results were valued at first by my security firm.Fellows said it was great.I became to sell it.It was viewed more than 1000 times per month on the internet site owned by creditor.Everybody looked,noone bought.I was told that the flat was too expensive.The flat had price 15% lower than other.People became to propose price of an old abandoned barn.Another realtor from another lithuanian town arrived to vilnius to see my flat.He stated the price that he could sell the flat. The mentioned price was 20% higher than even my own optimistic.But realtor wanished. After that market of real estate was fallen in Lithuania.Some clever constructed buildings gyps-cardboard and became to sell it by normal price.All that time was chase on me,poisoning with toxines and hallucinogenes,arrests,beating,criminal cases.When we moved out to Poland with difficulties, creditor stated that he wishes to arrest my flat and would organize auction.I remind you that there are not only his finances frozen in that flat,but my work and my assets-my flat is my investition.Doing like creditor says,he just robs his partner.Who has right to leave me without my investments,project,design and ideas,my business incomes at last.What should be told and lied to organize the same repressions in another country, make me live on the street with hunger? I did everything talanted and more: I made my word and obligations come true.I think its time to say thruth: what is problem in? Is in my own father and grandfather who looked as Jan Paul II? They looked like him,or he looked like my own grandfather and father? After all attacks I may be have a right to know the truth.
Recollect debts for me from my enemies and return stolen assets. I publish account number. IBAN: PL69 1440 1228 0000 0000 0403 0672, S.W.I.F.T. (BIC): NDEAPLP2

Dora said...

To Mr. Bronislovas Lubys
I am the daughter of the man, who had a symbol in Vatican and whose
face is identical to Joann Paul II.Tata Giovanni. During 10 years I was under strong
financial pressing in Vilnius. And lived with my younger son for 60
dollars per month. Psychological pressure, pressure to leave a job,
leaving without incomes and finances at all. Since October of 2001 till
2007 all the force of repressing machine was put on us: poisoning,
accidents, multiple threatening to life and health, prosecution
institutions.I have savage fascism in Lithuania in my own flat and in my
own life and life of my son. I was born in 11.06.1956. I am a
journalist. My real name is Anna - Kristina- Alexandra. I am an
impaired person since birth, and walk with the help of prosthetic
appliances. My place of living was Vilnius, Lithuania- my own father hid
me there.I don't know why. But I know that Mazheikiu Nafta had 10%
shares of Lukoil, may be you know why? Or may be you know why you friend
Brazauskas,father of twins, was the head of some company in Gedimino
11? I think you gave you word for one person,may be you don't forgot
about it? After queen Elizabeth and his husband's visit to Lithuania
(16.10.2006-18.10.2006) 21.10.2006 Hubertas Grusnys was killed, whose
radio Lietus a week before told about poisoning with toxicoids me and my
son in our flat.What happened with my own flat in Vilnius? Who must pay
for that? Who must pay for all that savages and fascists things? And
where is my own father's money? And where is his oil business that
he left in Lithuania? I am the only child of my own father and the only
inhariter.I did not present nor business nor money for nobody, I did not
asking that peoples to be the managers.Who answer for all of that?
Here is my bank account number. Please, help them to return all my money.I need my money Mr.Lubys.
IBAN: PL69 1440 1228 0000 0000 0403 0672, SWIFT BIC NDEAPLP2
This is for those who robbed me and helping to robbing me.

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