Monday, July 04, 2005


(Sorry, need to keep it down because I just put Faisal down to sleep)


Wow, its been a while! But no need to update you since you all know what I've been up to :) Which isn't much really. Baby has very simple and basic needs. He's either hungry or wants me to change his nappy. Although they are only two requirements, he can demand these a zillion times a day. Oh and sleep for mom and dad isn't even in his dictionary!

Its amazing how much our lives have changed in just two weeks.

I don't really have much to say, but I just wanted to tell all of you how much your wishes and kind words have meant to us. I was teary eyed when I first went through the replies. I'm sure if Faisal could read he'd appreciate the replies as well!

(Yes his name is Al Faisal but I call him Faisal, he's too tiny to be Al Faisal)

Finally, did I tell you guys how absolutely cute and adorable`our baby is? And I'm not biassed cause I'm his mother :) We still don't know`who he looks like. Mux's family say he looks exactly like me, while my family think he resembles Mux. I don't think he looks like anyone yet.

Oi!!! Gotta go.. Baby beckons!


Mansur said...

Thats so cute. I remember when my elder brother had his first child, things changed around the house so much. But it's all part of life, and I myself cannot wait to have kids of my own.


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

congrats again ;)
You know that a mother's testimony is not accepted..

hehehe..being silly me as usual

Lym said...

Ohhhhhh , It feels nice to read your entry about Alfaisal ! So sweet mashallah.

I am sure he is worth every "sacrifice" you had to make ! hehehe

Sowhat said...

hehe welcome back OD ( Om Faisal ) wo Congrats thousand time .. really difficult to get use to the new duties wo lack of sleep .. but he derve it :)

wo i would belive that he looks really cute , no wonder, he got really wonderfull parents :)

allah ya7fetha 7agkom :)

Noors said...

Awww, I'm sure it's amazing having a baby in the house.

Welcome back OD. Again congrats on your little faisal. Yitraba fi 3izkum inshallah.:)

Kazablanka said...

Welcome back!

Can we see pictures?? please???

Kazablanka said...

oh and theres this saying in libya that goes soemthing like, "even if ur child looks like a monkey, you would see him/her as a ghazal/ghazala"


im not saying faisal looks like a monkey though :)

p.s a ghazal/ghazala is a dear in english but i didnt write that cuz i thought it looked gay, aslan i dont like the word "dear".. actually i hate it when someone calls me "Dear" i feel like strangling them..

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Awww how sweet :)

We have missed you OD and were eagerly waiting for your update, since Mux didn’t give us much (jk). At this stage of his life all he would need is food, sleep and to be cleaned, so basic but so tiring.

You lives have changed the min. he came into the world in more ways than you would know, only time would make you realize. Allah yi3eenik

Alla yi7fath Faisal (do you have a nickname for him?) we yitrba fe 3izkum inshalla

iDip said...

that's so sweet!

EnshAllah he grows uo & make you both proud of him

in Kuwait we say
الله يبلغج فيه
Allah Ybalghich feeh

OceanDream said...

Thank you thank you thank you :)

We don'thave a nickname for him yet, as the name Faisal isn't really very nicknamable, hehe. Everyone tends to call him Fasool which isn't the most attractive of names, but we call him so many other things that I am too embarrassed to mention because they are too corny.

And he really is cute, wallah he doesn't look like a monkey :)

As for the delivery update:

We went into hospital On Sunday, but I delivered on Tuesday at 1250 am. I thought it was afternoon when baby came out until Mux shocked me with the news that it was late and that I should get some rest before guests start arriving in the morning!

Labor was sooooo long! Apparently I was really out of it. I said so many things that I have no recollection of, but, Mux has it all on video, which he'll probably use to blackmail me with for the rest of our lives.

Oh I want you guys to give Mux a huge applause because he was one strong fella. I honestly thought he wouldn't be able to handle the actual delivery part, but he was there for the whole thing and I don't think I could have done it if him and my sister weren't in there with me. He did it in addition to handling about two or three cameras :)

And no one should ever ever underestimate the power of du3aa and prayers. I honestly thought I would not make it through the night because of all the pain, but I had our mothers and sisters and friends outside praying for me and Faisal, and we made it just fine.

Errr... I think thats about it :)

CrazyReD said...

well don't call him fa9oliya it's to long of a nick

hibbalicious said...

ohh thats so sweet - My sister told me when she had her first child her life was completely different within a few hours her life just changed, a good change though dont you think?

Id love to have little baby but i think borrowing my sisters kids when they are in london is enough for me i always get so tired at the end of the day when my sisters kids are here i just want to sleep and sleep

When will you post a pic of the baby?