Monday, July 18, 2005

The moment of truth comes again

And so it comes... The dreaded day. The one that comes about two or three times a year, or more accurately every 10,000Km. Yes, I'm talking about my car's service.

It's actually been due since three weeks ago. I've stopped driving it since then but I just couldn't be bothered with taking it for the service. I've been in too good a mood to deal with a huge bill. In addition to the service there are a few other things that need to be fixed in the car. The AC thermostat sensor is broke and I can only use the AC on manual. Only one of the rear doors opens. I never bothered to fix this for a while because it's always just me and OD in the car. But now with the baby I can't delay fixing it anymore. And lately the brakes started squeeling so it's time to get those done too.

This time I've prepared myself for the worst. It's gonna be a heavy one, but it's ok. It's still cheaper than buying a new car, right? Besides I love my car and I don't care for the new BMW 5 Series.

So the dude from the workshop calls last night. He says that they haven't started on fixing the stuff I asked to be fixed, but just doing the regular inspection service they've found about 750 rials worth of stuff to be done and he doesn't advise to do fix the things I wanted fixed just yet. Apparently the radiator's leaking from two places (so how come the car doesn't overheat?), the powerstearing pipes are leaking, the brakes need to be changed entirely not just pads and discs, and the list goes on. And yet I am still in a good mood and I smile as I ok all the repairs and tell the guy to go ahead with the job order and drift into a recurring daydream in which Omantel's shares soar beyond all projections... aaaah.


nibaq said...

I think in the long run it will be cheaper to get a new car. Rear door not opening, leaking radiator? And now with 1 baby in the picture I think its time to get a minivan.

muscati said...

The way I see it, new car = monthly payments of say 300 rials. Thus paying for a big service once a year is still cheaper. Unless I trade in my BMW for a Toyota Echo, of course.

Doors not opening is a very common problem in BMW's in the middle east. The door lock and window motor actuators can't withstand the heat. Radiator leak was a big surprise to me. The car's been giving coolant level warnings since it was brand new but everytime I take it in they say it's a sensor malfunction. I smell a rip-off this time. But if the original radiator lasted 7 years, a new one should be good for at least a few more, right?

I'm going to start building a house in September. Till the house is done there will be no new cars in this household :)

NaBHaN said...

750? bloody hell. :os

Kay said...

thanks muscati for the little tip on why the doors dont open..! same thing happened to my car, twice! once it was the front passenger door and the second time one of the back seats...

my tip for u is to not take ur car to the bm agency anymore... i take mine to AL-sukry for everything now. i get great serice and lower prices. ur car isnt new so what could the harm be?

muscati said...

Wicked, how's your experience with Suqry? I'm thinking of taking my car there for a full repaint in a couple months. Some friends say Al Suqry has the best paint shop outside of the dealers, but some others say that they're sloppy when they put cars back together after the painting.

I think I should start taking my car to other garages but most of these big ones like Al Suqry and Malatan are always so busy that they take too long to finish the car. I can't afford to be without a car more than a few days. I was able to make do this time because my wife isn't driving her car.

M-Pac said...


Try taking your car to the Mega Body Shop in Ghala. That's the Zubair Garage for VW, Audi, Peugeot, Chrysler and Mitsibushi.

I've seen a couple of BMW's being worked on (paint, dents...etc) over there. The manager told me that they do a less-expensive job than the BMW dealer. I think they can also do major repairs if you can provide them with spare parts.

I've taken my car (Peugeot) for a paint job there and it was perfect mashallah.

Ask for Mr. Malcolm, he's the manager. If you are lucky they may accept your car.

NiGhTFaCe said...

That is expected from the dealer!!

Try Al Kharusi garage in alWadi alKabir.

Kay said...

Muscati, i've been using Sukry motors for two years now and i'm not complaining.. last time my beemer went for service it took half a day, there wasnt any major things done to it. excuse my minimum car terminology, not really my thing. on the few minor little accident i've had and took it to repair there, they didnt take too long, once they got the parts from Al-jenibi or if they order them they get the work done. once u r a customer things progress faster and smoother. i totally recommend it. i've also heard good things about Al Kharusi garage in alWadi alKabir as NF pointed out.

i havent painted it yet with them, so i couldnt say, but i got my doors fixed with them.

muscati said...

Everyone says Kharusi is great, I think my dad takes his car there. I couldn't be bothered to go there. Plus it's the kind of place that's best for people who know a bit about cars. But people like me who drive with the music so loud that they don't even know when there's a rattle in the car, we need the kind of place who do good check-ups on the car. Unfortunately that means going to the dealer and getting ripped-off often unless you smarten up.

illogicist said...

House in September? Mabrook :)

Just one note, and I'm sure you already know it: you say u wont get a new car until after thats done...sorry to sound pessimistic, but its probably going to be more like no new cars until a number of years after its done...gotta hate bank loans.

muscati said...

Z- I have no problem with being in debt, even for 20 or 30 years if it's for a house. But to get yourself into deep debt for 5 years just for a car doesn't make sense to me. I agree with you, it will be at least a couple more years before I'll be able to afford a new car but that would be too pesimistic. You have to believe that you'll keep coming up in the world, that your salary will increase, your prospects will improve. You can't just think that your situation will be the same forever. Right? :)

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Devilish said...

In Brief :

Buying a new car means steady calculated expenditure for at least 4 years at least. Whereas, repainting, n unexpected hefty maintenance/service bills is more like deinvesting in a depreciating asset.

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