Friday, July 15, 2005

Haven't gone anywhere

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It's been 10 days without a new post on the blog. I was checking the blog stats and incredibly there are about 50 of you guys who keep coming back to check the blog every single day. I apologize for the lack of new posts and I thank you for your patience. I've taken 4 weeks off from work starting tomorrow and I'll be back to blogging regularly in my free time whenever little Al lets me.

Meantime, the ESO's website has finally been launched. It's still on a test server and there are a few typos here and there plus two sections which are still incomplete. There's a ton of information on it and anyone who's interested in Oman and the environment should check it out.

Environment Society of Oman website


NiGhTFaCe said...

Yeh, I was one of these who kept on checking :D

Good to see the ESO's website is already launched, I will get back to it later!

Blue Chi said...

Your website is way more popular than you think it is, those graphs don't include rss feed statistics!

Mansur said...

Hi, I am also one of them who check back on your blog, even when you had nothing up on there. I can understand with the baby and all, time must have been taken up, but as blue chi said, I too think your blog is more popular than you may think.


Petite For Life said...

Relax & Enjoy.

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