Sunday, July 17, 2005

Coffee pt. 1

All out of Nescafe Gold Decaf

I think most workplaces provide free tea and coffee to their employees. Where I work, like just about everywhere else I'm sure, they provide Nescafe instant coffee. 6 or 7 years ago I switched to Nescafe Gold Decaf on a friend's advice. Of course I have to buy my own supply. In both places that I've worked, and across 4 different departments so far, other staff take from my coffee. They never ask. I never complain. About a month ago I ran out and went to buy some more from Alfair but they were all out. A few days later I looked in another Alfair with no luck. Then I went to Lulu Hypermarket, Carrefour.. Sultan Center.. no one has it. I wouldn't be surprised if they've stopped selling it in Oman. Other than myself and the guy who recommended it to me, I don't know anyone else who buys this stuff.

Inzain, so here's the clincher. In the past month people have been coming to me asking how come I don't bring that "good" coffee anymore. They tell me they used to drink from it and they liked it much better than the regular Nescafe. They ask me why I stopped and when I'll bring some more.. I just smile and say it's not available. Can you believe that. They never once asked if they can drink from it and now that I don't get it anymore they're asking for it. Man sometimes you wonder where people get the guts to go on like that.


Balqis said...

Gold decaf i have if you want you welcome anytime.
I bought cause i cannot drink more than 1 cup per day of normal one.
But this decaf is not really decaf, couldn't sleep all night wallah.
It was in Sultan Centre 2 months ago.

NiGhTFaCe said...

This happens with me. But, for the drink Barbian ~ Peach flavor.

Blue Chi said...

The story is funny, sad, and so realistic as well.

Mansur said...

Some people nick other people's stuff without asking....this happens everywhere. I have had my T-Sqaure, triangles , drawing papers, pencils, erasers being taken away from my desk never to have seen every again! It happens in uni as well where a lot of my drawing supplies mysteriously vanished. The worst for me was when of the guys took my drawing for the auditorium and quickly passed it off his own during the presentation unbeknownst to me!!


NaBHaN said...

It always surprises me when people have the guts to demand something which they have no right to.

And why in gods name dont THEY get their own coffee anyways. These things piss me off and If it were me I would have probably told them off in a sarcastic nasty way.

AkaRound Peg said...

I know of a lady that advises her daughter to store all goodies in her (the mother's cupboard) in the mother's home so that the daughter's husband and husband's mother don't eat it. The daughter does it too and every time we give the daughter gifts of chocolates, the chocolates find their way into the mother's cup board.

Ofcourse this action does not stop the mother-daughter pair from making the most of the stuff from the daughter's marital home including calling up the son-in-law at odd hours to chauffer them around.

And what is more the mother will buy stuff only for the daughter's kids and nothing for the son's kids but again in an emergency the mother will call up the son and move into his house!

muscati said...

I really have no problem with people sharing my things. If I did I'd be one of those assholes who hides his stuff under lock and key. Imagine how stupid it would be if everytime I wanted a cup of coffee I take my own jar of Nescafe with me to the pantry and back.

I just can't believe people would have the audacity to come and ask for me to bring more coffee because it's finished as if it is rightfully their's.

illogicist said...

Though I've quit coffee (and I'm happier for it) may I recommend Nescafe Alta Rica. Its pretty good, at least worth a try. Its available most places.

Lamoos said...

My mother lives in the UAE and she drinks "your coffe" , except that she buys her own supplies... I dont believe the nerve of your colleagues , but I just had to complement you on how you handled the whole thing ! It seems like fatherhood brings out the best in some people ! Cheers !