Saturday, June 11, 2005

Slow as mud

I was in the mood today to post a couple of new things here on the blog but the internet connection is acting up today and it's slow as mud. It took a whole minute just to log on blogger and it's been downright impossible to get on my Gmail to read all today's blog comments.

If there was a post today it would have included one or more of the following topics (with the rest to follow during the week) :
  • Omantel IPO that the whole country's going crazy over. There's so much demand that banks are rationing out the application forms to their branches. Half a million forms have been printed but some people are asking for 100 at a time.
  • The royal pardon of all 31 who were convicted last month of plotting to overthrow the government. I wasn't really planning to write about this one, but I guess I should put something about them since I did write so much about the whole situation earlier in the year.
  • Ever had someone you know, or someone you work with suddenly decide to totally ignore like you don't exist? I've been wanting to write about this dude who's been acting like I'm the fucking invisible man for the past 9 months and now the novelty's really wearing off.
  • Downloading music... man, I've downloaded so much illegal shit in the past month. It's more out of necessity since the selection available locally here sucks so much. But still, I've been anti downloading for so long and now I feel like such a fake. Do you think that so long as I buy the albums later on CD whenever they're available, does that make it ok to download? Is there such a thing as "halalization"?
  • Do people who link their Amazon wishlists on their blogs really believe that total strangers are going to be buying them stuff? Does it really happen?


ExpressMuslim said...

As Salaam Alaikum,
OPI... what's that?

Pardons... that's cool that they were pardon. What were they trying to do, like the specifics? I'm assuming since you said "Royal" you live in Saudi Arabia? Maybe those guys were holding Islam against them and saying SA was wrong, and the royals were like well they are right, but we wont admit it... well just pardon. lol lol.

Downloads... I would download music but I am afraid of catching a virus and stuff. My pc died last year, and I had to get another one. But hopefully I'll get the other one fix adn maybe sell it.

Invisible People... don't you miss your imaginary friends? lol lol lol. Ummm I know how you may feel. I don't think anyone treats me "invisible" like, but I hate it when I'm the one who is always saying "hi" or smiling first. I try to stop and make them notice me, but I'm too nice.

Amazon... It doesn't hurt to ask, I suppose. But it can be mixed messsages. Like what if some guy buys me an Ipod and a New computer becuase I put it on my wish lists.... I could interpert this as "cool, yay!!" or becuase I am so ultra paranoid, I could be like "Oh my gosh. This guy wants me. Oh no!". But i guess some poeple would do it.

Okay I think I hit all of your "i was gonna post this but Hello messed up" points. lol. I think I take commenting to a whollle new level.


NaBHaN said...

I did not buy a single original album ever since I came to jordan in 2003 , simply because they're too expensive over here ( around 8 rials each ) and they dont get released in good time , but I did promise myself to buy all the originals of the albums I really loved once I start working. I never missed out on an original release of an album I loved ever since I really got into music back in 1995 , and so I'm really hating that my collection got messed up.

Mansur said...

Wow! Lots of things going on. I have had my share of experience where people ignore me...and although it's not a pleasant expreience, 5 years down the road, it won't matter. I also try to download songs here from Saudi Telecom, and since I have a dial-up, I don't bother with downloading any songs because it takes ages!

illogicist said...

I only buy originals if I can afford them and I think the artist deserves my support. There, I said it - Im an immoral, downloading bastard. Most of the money goes to the record company anyway.

About the wishlists, I think (but Im not sure) its more to do with, if u want something but u cant find it, if someone sees it, and they have it, they make it available to you. To buy I mean. Im not sure at all.

Blue Chi said...

I am not really happy about the Pardon, I find it really wierd that the stupid Omani nation has been asking for the pardon of these people, I cannot imagine what would've happened if they succeeded in their plan? I am not sure if many people in Oman realise how great Qaboos is to us, we might not be the best economically, we might not have perfect lives, but we are so much better than so many others, and having Abadhi extremists is not going to help in anyway.

I know about the invisibility thing, it happens to me sometimes and I do it to other people sometimes, but not in Oman.

There are some music files that you CANNOT buy, even if you wished it, if you are willing to buy the music after you buy them and you do, then I don't see what the problem is with downloading. Anyway, you can always 'purchase' your music online from Napster or iTunes at any time, can't you?

muscati said...

Blue_Chi - I can't buy music from iTunes. I used to buy from iTunes UK because I had a UK debit card. But the card expired and if I want to continue to buy from them I'll need to contact my branch in Glasgow and have them send me a new card to Oman, and then I'll have to periodically transfer money into the Glasgow account. Too much hassle.

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