Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Remember E18?


Remember when my camera conked out on me a couple months ago? Believe it or not it's been in the shop ever since. The called me early June 1) the camera was taken to Dubai because they couldn't fix it here, 2) it will cost RO 55 ($140), and 3) it's gonna take about two weeks. I asked if the work will be guaranteed and they said they'll give a 6 month warranty on it so I told them to go ahead. I'll probably get a replacement for it when the new Canon IXUS range gets here or maybe a Nikon S1. But this camera has been my constant companion for two years and it's given me some amazing shots which most people don't believe are from compact camera, it deserves to be fixed. Two weeks kinda stretched out and I totally forgot about it till I got a call today saying that it's finally read.

Amazingly, this lens retraction problem is apparently so common in Canon compact digital cameras, that some days as many as 25% of the visitors to this blog come from a Google keyword search on "Canon E18 error".


Keefieboy said...

Well whaddya know. I have a Canon Ixus something-or-other whose lens gave up whizzing in and out a few months ago. It never occurred to me that it could be fixed!

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