Saturday, June 04, 2005

My showroom is bigger than yours

Ghosn Oman

Nissan’s biggest-ever showroom will be opened right here in Muscat’s upscale Qurum district today by none other than legendary Carlos Ghosn, president and CEO of Nissan Motor Co. Limited. [Link]

Biggest Nissan showroom in the world? Of all the things we could be the biggest in the world in! What a dubious honor.


Devilish said...

Should have taken a pic of it as a landmark as they proclaim, n made it one of my pics in Omanforum photo contest ! . . . . yeah was sarcastic

Samyah said...

My question is WHY. Why would Oman of all places have the biggest Nissan showroom? Our market is not nearly the biggest in the world.

Was it because we had the extra land and we're a developing 3rd world country? I just don't get why they would put it here.

muscati said...

I would assume it's because Bahwan had taken over the agency from Hashar. As you probably know Hashar had built a brand new showroom for Nissan just a couple years before Bahwan came out of nowhere and gave him a double whammy by taking over both BMW and Nissan from him. Bahwan had to do some thing massive to prove to Nissan that he deserves the agency.

Poor Hashar is now left with a large showroom and no cars to sell in.

NiGhTFaCe said...

Talking about Suhail Bahwan Group & their work in this automobile field, I guess their BMW showroom has a record also as the biggest BMW showroom in the middle east if I am not mistaking!

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