Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's a boy!

Birth 1

birth 3

birth 4

birth 5

birth 6

We are happy to announce that we were blessed with a baby boy at 12.50am of June 21st, 2005 after 27 hours of labor. We named him Alfaisal. Al7amd lilah, mother and baby are both doing fine.


NaBHaN said...

wow..mashallah..congrats Cuz...glad to hear that both baby and mother are fine...al7amdillah.

hibbalicious said...

oh wow congratulations i was wondering when the baby would come, how does it feel to be new parents what does he lok like etc etc? details


Laith said...


Insha allah yetraba fee 3izakum.

Nice to hear that both are fine.

God bless you all

nomadica said...

congratulations!!!! that's wonderful news!!
he just made it into the world of now he and his mom share the same zodiac sign :)

Shappir said...

Mashallah. Congrats to both you, mother and a special welcome to the little one. May he be blessed with a fruitful life.

Beast said...

Mashalla, Congratulations to both of you.
Surely it's wonderful!

Desert Island Boy said...

Summer Baby!

Mash'allah! May he bring you much joy and happiness!

AkaRound Peg said...


The very best to the little one and to the parents - may be bring you much joy and grow up to be your best friend.

A. Woman in black said...

Congratultions, you guys finally got to meet him after all this time:-) MashAllah !

"You have been blessed in what you have been given. May you give thanks to the One who granted it. May your child reach maturity and right-guidance, and may Allah make him/her a blessing for you."

And BTW , nice pics ...

Lym said...

Mabroooookeeeeeeeeeen. I totally predicted because you did not update your blog for a few days , so I knew it.

I am very happy for the both of you , tell OD , mabrook as well .
I like the name too. How does it feel to be a father ?

DevilishAngel said...

Alf alf mabrook...3asAllah ykoon walad barr o 9ale7 :) Yitrabba fe 3ezkum inshalla...Beautiful name!

DevilishAngel said...

Ps. Wain el Cigars ;)

illogicist said...

Congrats my friend, this must be a wonderful time for you :)

I like the photos :D

Blue Chi said...

Congratulations! You have chosen a very nice name!

Devilish said...

Congrats/Mabroooooooooooooooooken Mashalllah the first of many enshallah

she said...

congratulations and god bless.

Whoateallthepies said...


Many, many congratulations

muscati said...

Thanks for all your good wishes. OD left the hospital today and she's gonna spend a while at her mom's before she comes back home with me. I'm gonna be shuffling back and forth for the next few weeks.

Wardat_il'7leej said...


Yitrba if 3izakum inshalla...Alla yi7fath :)

We need to see the pic of the cute baby

Luv to OD

Sowhat said...

alf alf alf Mabrook :) yetraba eb 3ezkom inshala :) and nice name :)

now shall we call you Abu Al Faisal or Muscati would be enough ;)

Alf mabrook again :)

$iLveR GiRL said...

Mabroook :)
I was hoping 2 c the little prince's pic :(

Yetraba fe 3ezkom :D

Arabian Princess said...

Mashalllllllllllllllllah Mubarak 3aleekum al walad and inshallah he becomes Alfaisal fi denu wu baladu :)

Salam to OD please :)

Samyah said...

27 hours!!!!! I do not envy OD!

Alf alf mabrook to the both of you, god bless your new family :)

Kazablanka said...

OMG mabrook 3alakum.. wow.. omg im so happy right now.. tel OD i say hi and alhamdulilah 3la alsalama..

yitrabi fi 3izkum inshallah..

p.s. i so wanted it to be a boy!!!

Jo said...

Congrats! Wish you and the baby all the best.
P.S. Love the name :-)

Kay said...

mabrook thats so great! etqoom bilsalamaa inshalllah.

i always imagined it to be a girl... but that doesnt really matter as long as both alfaisal and OD are doing great. did u know the babies sex before or u decided not to know till D-day??

SoMe1 said...

Hey Muscati, err, i mean Daddy..

Congrat's to both you and the baby, when i told my husband about the babies name, he said it was a nice one ;)..

Best wishes to OD

Masquerader said...

Alf alf mabrook! inshallah the baby is in the best of health.

Best Wishes!

Libellula said...


Noors said...

OMG! This is great news!

Congrats to the both of you on your new born.

He's a blessing from God.

I'm glad to hear that the baby and mom are both doing well.

iamnasra said...

Alf Mabrook
Yitrab fi ezkum inshallah

Mansur said...


congratulations! I was wondering where you had disappeared too...I am happy for you all. Good luck!

Beauty said...

MabroookeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeN .. wow am getting all emotional now....

:) mashallah..

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Congrats Mr & Mrs Muscati..Hope you this bundle of job brings u happiness in sha Allah.

I love the pic of the little will have to show us more soon though.

It would be great if you can start a blog for Little Muscati. You can have it offline if you don't want people to pry and load it with stories and pix which you can give to him as he grows older.

What are you getting Mrs Muscati as a present?

Petite For Life said...

Mabrook for the birth of your first child.

Inshallah Yetrabah fe 3ezzikum, we yakoon dhiriyah salehah.

കരീം said...

Mabrook Muscati

I was away from Oman for quite a long time, and didn't even know you got married.

Congratulations and May God bless your family.

Abdulkareem (WebOman)

Jewaira said...

Congratulations on the lovely baby boy. May he be blessed and protected :)

PeTiTa said...

Mabroooook thats so sweet you deserve the best =) yitraba ib 3izkom inshala

Mbarak said...

A million congrats to you Muscati.

NaBHaN said...

A little something I made :


W. said...

Mabrook ma jaakom :) o yetrabba fee 3ezzkom inshAllah

Enigma said...

Congratulations :)

muscati said...

Thank you all

Nabhan that's an amazing wallpaper. Thank you so much. I'm in love with it.

Najah said...

am i LATEEEE, dont tell me he is running now mashalllah.. congratualtions both of you and may alllah bless him :)

CrazyReD said...

I'm very late I dunno if your bro passed on my congrats but Mabrook to both of you.

Btw nice name especially the Al touch =)

if he ever wants to play soccer just shout in my blog hehe

nibaq said...

So best change your blog name to Bo & Um AlFaisal, and when does he get his own blogger account so he can start posting ,)

Irony said...

I know am late but didn't check the blog until now..

Yetrabah ef3izkum inshallah alf alf mabrook :)

Natasha said...

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