Monday, June 13, 2005

ESO Lecture June 18

ESO Snake Lecture

Please come and join us for our last lecture before the summer break!

This will be a lecture with a difference – the topic will be Snakes of Oman, and the presenter, Seyad Mohammed Farook, will be bringing some serpentine friends to introduce to you in person! Learn more about these often misunderstood creatures and how to protect them here in Oman.

Date: Saturday, June 18th
Time: Doors open at 7pm. Presentation begins at 7:30pm
Venue: Majan College Darsait (email: for complete directions)

Look forward to seeing you there!


Desert Island Boy said...

Yuck! I hate snakes, they still give me the creeps...

I guess that make me prime candidate to come and see this lecture, eh?


illogicist said...

Is it open to non-members? Will there be info there on how to become members? I still havent gotten this thing sorted with my siblings...

Mansur said...

Too bad I am not in Oman. I would attened it if I were there. Will there be opportunities to hang snakes around your neck? =) Do that if you can....i have been meaning to do that for some time!


muscati said...

Z - all our lectures are open to the public, so yes, members and non-members alike. We will have leaflets and membership information also.

illogicist said...

And how much does it cost? Dress code? Sorry, Im picky about these things.

OceanDream said...

To become a member it costs RO15 per year. To attend lectures its free, even to non-members.

No dress code. Its pretty laid back.

Don't know if the lecturer would let people handle his snakes, but he might!

It would be good to bring a camera along.

illogicist said...

Right, thanks OD, I wont be in the country at the time, but ill try to get certain family members (who would be interested in this particular talk) to go along.

illogicist said...

Oops, I seem to have missed the bit where it gives the directions :s You mind posting again?

muscati said...

Directions to Majan College Darsait from Seeb/Qurum:

• Follow the Qurum Hights road toward Mutrah, and take the exit to
Darsait/Ruwi. Keep left, toward the Star Cinema. If you look on your
left side, you will see Majan college just next to the overpass on the Darsait roundabout.
• Take the roundabout before Star Cinema (under the flyover)
• Double back in the direction you came from, as if you are going back to the. Majan College will be immediately on your right just before the roundabout.
• Either drive in through the security gate and park in the lot inside the walls, or park in the gravel lot just near the turnoff outside of the gate.

The lecture will be held in the main building. Just follow the signs to the lecture hall.

Sowhat said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sowhat said...

I know some one who is really interested ,i will tell him about the lecture and about your blog.. actually he know helluava about snakes in oman as he is devolping Ani Venoms .. :)

Interesting Lecture :) thanks for the news ..

muscati said...

Hey SoWhat, wouldn't the person you referring to be the same guy who's giving this lecture? He works in SQU and he's working on venom antidotes.

Sowhat said...

No i ment another guy he is prof. of infectious disease and zoology his name is Dr. Scrimgour .. british , or scotish .. who happend to be the head of infectious diseases in SQU and one of supervisor of the extended vaccination programme here in Oman and he is doing a researcdh about anti venom .. ..

Devilish said...

I missed the last lecture ! hope I can make it to this one.

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