Saturday, June 04, 2005

And you thought soap was just for washing

Wonders of Soap 1


Wonders of Soap 2


Wonders of Soap 4

Breast enlarging.


Devilish said...

Hilarious !! What took u to that shop anyhow !

dervish said...

That should be illegal unless they can prove their claims.

muscati said...

Believe it or not all this was in a tailoring supplies shop in the CCC called Al Hadhramy. I went with OD who was looking for some material and while she was talking to the shopkeeper I noticed all these soaps next to the cash register. I was having a blast going through them and laughing out loud. Then I started to take pictures of them and he was looking at me like I was the biggest freak he's ever seen.

Devilish said...

looooooool @ "the biggest freak he's ever seen."

Amusing where they position such products ! Next to the counter !!!

OceanDream said...

I was looking for some organza bags which I was told were sold there, then Mr.Muscati here discovers these soaps and starts laughing so hard. Ofcourse I pretended that I didn't know him :)

Then he kept picking them up and saying to me: "Wahahaha, look at this one.. wahaha.. breast enlargment!!!" And then proceeded to take pics while the poor Indian man tried his best to ignore him and talk to me.

What I want to know is, why do they sell stuff like this in a shop that sells tailoring supplies??

Well, at least they entertained Mux, since I had to literally beg him to stop at CCC for a bit!

NaBHaN said...

rofl..the breast enlarging soap is just hilarious!

Kay said...

haha i've heard of these products and seen them in numerous shops, but i could never stand there and take pics of them! believe it or not i even saw a few of these products and more in mecca last august when we went to perform 3umara. i even saw ur all natural Viagra's in this little stores maybe only less then a .5 km away from the 7aram (the mosque). i couldnt help but laugh.

well where else are u guaranteed the customer will see ur products? near the counter! why else do the supermarkets put all their candy and sugar at the counters, so even if u manage to lure ur kids away from the main candy aisle, u arent safe at the counter, its all a giant conspiracy against us consumers. hahaha

luckyfatima said...

haa haa. good blog. i wish those soaps worked, maybe i would by them.

Samyah said...

lol Muscati, you would have a ball in that store they used to have in Wadi Center. It had every cream, soap, lotion and gell for anything a woman might want to do to her body. I believe its closed now, which is probably a good thing.

OD, I can imagine your embarassment! :p

OceanDream said...


What can I do? I love the man :)

she said...

this is so funny, really.

Kazablanka said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kazablanka said...

lol ive seen soaps like that everwhere.. but u know i always wondered if they really worked... I think one of us should experiment..

Kay said...

and who better then you to experiment kaza? :P

bigdaddybean said...

"lol ive seen soaps like that everwhere.. but u know i always wondered if they really worked... I think one of us should experiment.."

Yes Yes kaza should test this and report the results. If it does not work she should sue or at least demand a refund and payment for her waisted time ... or more accurate busted time!

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